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Ronnie Peterson died 30 years ago after fatal crash in Monza Setembro 11, 2008

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On September 11, 1978, Formula 1 has lost one of its most charismatic and fastest drivers, Ronnie Peterson . The day before he had a crash in Monza which envolved several cars and drivers. Peterson’s life was not seen to be in any danger. At the time there was more concern for Brambilla, who was hit on the head by a flying wheel and was slumped comatose in his car (he later recovered and drove on in F1 until 1980).

At the hospital, Peterson’s X-rays showed he had 7 fractures in one leg and 3 in the other. After discussion with Ronnie himself, the surgeons decided to operate to stabilize the bones. Unfortunately, during the night, complications brought him the death. The cause of death was given as fat embolism.



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“இறுதி நாளும் இன்றைய மனிதர்களும்”

அஷ்ஷேய்க். முகம்மது நூஹ் மஹ்லரி அவர்கள்

Al-Sheikh. Nooh Mahlari


அஷ்ஷேய்க். முகம்மது நூஹ் மஹ்லரி அவர்கள்


This is where I was last Monday:-) Abril 14, 2008

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U know I’m excited about my fiction debut. So, I’m sharing this excitement with U! Here’s just a few of the images that have been sent to me thus far. Thanx again for all the luv & Support. Enjoy!


انقذونا يا عالم Abril 13, 2008

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انقذوا مصر المحتله
من مصر المغتصبه الى فلسطين المحتله والعراق المحتله وافغانستان المحتله ولبنان وسوريا المنتهكه
الى جميع انحاء العالم ان الشعب المصري بريئ مما يحدث بجميع الدول العربيه وكل ما يحدث بكم
لهو من تخازل حكامنا العرب وخضوعهم للهيمنه الامريكيه الصهيونيه
واكبر دليل على ذلك ما حدث وما زال يحدث بابناء مصر من قبل يوم الغضب 6 ابريل
لذلك اوجه رساله للعالم كله ان الشعب المصري بريئ بريئ ولا يرضى بالظلم ولا يرضى بالهوان
فنداء لكل مصري على ارض مصر الكنانه
نداء لكل عربي يحب مصر ويرفض الاحتلال
نداء لجميع منظمات حقوق الانسان بالعالم
انقذوا الشعب المصري المحتل
طالبوا بالافراج عن كل المعتقلين السياسيين
طالبوا باستقلال مصر وحريتها
ان ما ستشاهدونه في هذا الفيديو لهو
لقطات من غزه وفلسطين ولبنان والعراق ومصر
لن تستطيعوا ان تفرقوا بين المكان والزمان
وهل الصوره بمصر ام بمكان اخر
ولذلك نؤكد للعالم ان مصر محتله والهي مصر محتله
ولكن الفكر الجديد جاء باحتلال جديد فدائما ما نجد المحتل
يلبس خوذه وبدله كاكي وسلاح بيده وزمزاميه مياه ويركب دبابه
وقد نرى على راسه
فروع شجر للتمويه
ولكن الاحتلال بمصر مختلف
فهو يرتدي
البدله والساعه الذهبيه والحذاء البانس
والسيارات الثمينه الغاليه

وللاسف ان اي محتل يكون ليس من الدوله التى يحتلها ويكون جنسيه اخرى
ولكن بمصر المحتل من نفس الجنسيه ومن ابناء نفس الشعب
فلذلك اطالب بفك الحصار عن مصر اطالب بجلاء المحتلين اطالب
بالوقوف معنا اطالب بعدم ترك ارض الكنانه مصر فعار على كل مصري
سواء خارج مصر او على ارضها السكوت عما يحدث من سرقه لمقدرات الشعب
سرقه حلمه ومستقبله وطموحه سرقه حتى لسانه وكلمته سرقه حقه في الحياه
فقد اعتدى هذا النظام على الصحفيات والصحفيين ورؤساء التحرير
اعتدى على الاطفال والرجال والنساء
اعتدى على العمال والموظفين
اعتدى على السياسيين والشباب
اعتدى على ارض مصر
اعتدى على حق المصري في الحياه
اعتدى على غاز مصر وصدره لاعدائنا
اعتدى على محاصيل مصر وصدر منها ما يؤكل
وترك لنا ما يسرطن ويقتل
اعتدى على قناه السويس ومرر السفن الحربيه لمحاربه العراق
اعتدى على مصانعنا وباعها لليهود تحت اي مسمى هنود وخلافه
اعتدى على من قال لا للظلم ومن قال بحبك يا مصر
لذلك اقول انقذونا
ولا تقفوا ساكنين قوما بعمل وقفات امام جميع السفارات التى انتم بدولها

ارسلوا هذه الرساله لجميع سفارات العالم وللامم المتحده ولمنظمات حقوق الانسان

Award Winning Indian Ad For a Cause – Holi Abril 11, 2008

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This ad will touch you deep inside, a must watch!

Don’t have an idea what Holi is? Read about holi here

The ad was done by codered filims, you can watch many more stunning ads of them here


Happy Easter! Março 24, 2008

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In Polish language the word “mazurka” has two different meanings. One is a traditional cake baked and served each year for easter in most Polish homes, another one is that largely recognized all around the world as a kind of classical music gender. Here, as I can’t treat you with the cake, you have to stay with that mazurkas od Frederic Chopin. Happy Easter from Poland.

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Raphael Gadomski
WUB Europe moderator


The Phantom of the Opera Março 16, 2008

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The Phantom Of The Opera

Are Loved (Don’t Give Up) The Phantom of The Opera

Enjoy the music of The Phantom Of The Opera. I assure you, the music is so heavenly and the setting is so romantic that you will be lifted up from your seat. It is a passionate love story to end all love stories.

Posted by Mel Avila Alarilla

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Selflessness – A Gauge Of True Spirituality Novembro 21, 2007

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Do we have the “give” mentality or the “get” mentality? The answer to this question determines who we are spiritually.

Man by nature is used to have the “get” mentality because of the instinct of self preservation. To him, success means how much he can “get” out of life, and how he can minimize what he “gives” to others.

But as far is spirituality is concerned, the exact opposite is true. True spirituality is measured by how much we can give without expecting anything in return. In fact, most spiritual souls suffer undeserved persecutions and calumnies because they go against the norm of society, which is , to get as much as one can get in this world, where survival of the fittest is the rule rather than the exception.

To be selfless and passive in this dog eats dog world would mean a life full of ridicule and persecutions. Man, in his ignorance, hates the person who is different, who go against the raging tide of what is acceptable to society. Man still uses the old maxim “when in Rome do as the Romans do.”

There is also an old saying that goes, “it is better to light a single candle than to curse the whole darkness.” As foreboding evil beclouds the whole world, would we participate in the common man’s insatiable lust for licentiousness and wanton living? If everybody else seem to have lost the integrity of his soul and has gone the way of living the wicked life, would we do just the same since everybody else is doing it?

Or should we heed the still small voice in our heart that says no to wanton and profligate living? The answer lies in what we firmly believe in. If we believe that life is just a one shot deal where we have to get the most out of our limited existence before we experience annihilation, then the worldly man is right all along. But if we believe that this life is a transitory one, a springboard to a much fuller and satisfying one, then we must do as our conscience dictates us to do. To do otherwise would be like committing spiritual suicide.

The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter – Dave Grusin
The paintings and music in this video are dedicated to Greenearth and Sacrifice-
our resident artists at World United Bloggers. Hope you like the paintings.

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THE PUNISHER! Novembro 7, 2007

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A short video clip with Polish Marek “The Punisher” Piotrowski, 9 times World Champion in Kick-Boxing and undefeated boxing contender.


Horror Of Dracula (Halloween Tale) Outubro 29, 2007

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When I was a child, I was so terrified by the movie- Horror of Dracula starring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. It was all so real to me that I imagined Dracula would suddenly popped out in my room, eyes glaring red in the dark and his fangs glistening in the stillness of the night.

The horror haunted me for more than a week and I could not sleep without the lights on in my room. I was afraid to venture out of our house as dusk settled in. One howl from our neighboring dog would startle me and make me tremble in fear, imagining some creepy creature to be lurking in the dark.

It was all so real to me that I would sleep with bunches of garlic surrounding my bed. It took me quite sometime to get over my fear of that movie and the undead.

That was the time I refrained from looking at corpses in coffins during funeral wakes which my family and I used to attend. I imagined that the dead would suddenly arise straight out of the coffin and pursue me. I was afraid of night creatures like bats and owls or even growling dogs at night imagining them to be disguised vampires.

I used to watch every horror movies that were shown in our local cinemas, especially scary movies dealing with the undead and vampires. It took me quite a long time to outgrow both my fascination and fear of Dracula and the undead.

Going back to that frightening episode in my life, I could not help but smile at my youthful naive gullibility. Now I tell my children that all the horror movies that terrify them are virtual special effects done to scare the wits out of gullible little children who are terrified by tales of the macabre and the unknown.

I include here a very short excerpt of that film that haunted my childhood years for so long. Happy Halloween. Bwaaaaa, ha, ha,ha, ha, ha ,ha.

Excerpt from the movie – Horror of Dracula

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