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6 Stars ! Fevereiro 12, 2008

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Egypt , the strongest soccer team in Africa won the CAF Cup for the sixth time ..
Congratulations to all Egyptians in the World ..

COSMIC SOCCER! Fevereiro 6, 2008

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These guys have really had arrived to Earth from the Planet Soccer!!!

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Raphael Gadomski
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Ronaldinho’s tricks Fevereiro 1, 2008

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Raphael Gadomski


Football bigotry Novembro 11, 2007

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lets play for uniting people

first of all we must knew something , any game must have a winner and a looser at its end
we must say good luck for the winner and hard luck for the looser , and we must Agree on something that no one could accept his team lose easily , we here talk about feelings.
every body wanna his team go forward and forward and be the best.
but we must control our feelings to avoid its transformation to bigotry,if we reach this stage
of out controlling our feelings we’ll be in danger , great danger ..

we must ask our selves how we reach bigotry ?
is it our fault ?

or we used to be Fanatics .. as a matter of fact we our selves used to be fanatics
why ? because we don’t knew the aim of sports in general , and football specifically
football and sports aim is uniting people and spread peace not bigotry and hatred
we must control our feelings love each other Sincerely and try to achieve the aim
of football and sports uniting people , spread peace & love all over the world

at the end i want to show you all something , its a commercial for the uefa champions league
i really hate this commercial because it Incite people to avoid and hate each other
because they are not encouraging the same team , see and judge ..

i feel sick :S


Al-ahly hard luck Novembro 9, 2007

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Al-ahly club lose the final match .V. Al-negm club.

The President of Egypt Mubarak attend the match
and I think he mustn’t attend any match again

because his face is very bad lucky