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The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women Agosto 29, 2008

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Do you know them? I confess I haven’t heard some of these names. Other, I couldn’t say what they do. I must conclude that my knowledge about powerful women is weak… unfortunately.

The Forbs’ «annual ranking of the most powerful women in the world measures “power” as a composite of public profile–calculated using press mentions–and financial heft. The economic component of the ranking considers job title and past career accomplishments, as well as the amount of money the woman controls».

For the third year running Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, is the world’s most powerful woman.

The top 10 is:

Angela Merkel (Chancellor Germany)
Sheila C. Bair (Chairman, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp, U.S.A.)
Indra K. Nooyi (Chaiman, Chief Executive, Pepsi Co, U.S.A.)
Angela Braly (Chief Executive, president, WellPoint, U.S.A.)
Cynthia Carroll (Chief Executive, Anglo American, United Kingdom)
Irene B. Rosenfeld (Chairman, Chief Executive, Kraft Foods, U.S.A.)
Condoleezza Rice (Secretary of State, USA)
Ho Ching (Chief Executive, Temasek Holdings, Singapore)
Anne Lauvergeon (Chief Executive, Arevna, France)
Anne Mulcahy (Chaiman, Chief Executive, Xerox Corp., U.S.A.)

By country Portugal has noone in the top 100. United States has 60% of the 100 most powerful women in the world, United Kingdom 5, China 4, France, India, Netherlands 3.

Other conclusion is: any supermodel is listed … Ah ah ah … the motive because you don’t see any photo in this post.


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