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Euro 2008 – First big surprise: Netherlands defeated 3-0 World Champions Italy Junho 9, 2008

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Van Nistelrooy, Schneider and Company celebrate the first goal

After a frustrating match France-Romania which ended with a 0-0 (and one only shot on target during the 90 minutes) we had the best played match until now in Euro 2008. It was a historic result because ended a 30-year wait for a victory over Italy. It’s true that the first goal was gotten in off-side by Van Nistelrooy (a severe referee error) but Netherlands was already at time the best team in field.

The second goal started from a corner against Netherlands. A perfect crossfield ball to Kuyt whose header was spectacularly ended by Sneijder inside Buffon’s near post.

Italy tried to recover on the second half but as Roberto Donadoni said «it was definitevely a bad night» and several chances to recover one goal were waisted. When was expected 1-2 Van Bronckhorst put the score more unleveled at 79′.

Goals: Van Nistelrooy 26′, Sneijder 31′, Van Bronckhorst 79′

Van Basten quotes: « I’m very happy to beat a big opponent but we have only taken one step. If you have the spirit we had tonight you’re able to do nice things»

Donadoni: «It started badly and ended up worse but this is already history and we need to think about the next game against Romania. We need to recover physically and mentally so we can put things right straight away. If we’re not optimistic we should go off on holiday instead of taking the flight to Zurich. The players need to put this defeat behind them, understand the mistakes we’ve made.»


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