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Vignettes From The Pearly Gates (Day 12) Janeiro 3, 2008

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Day 12
When the bills pile up and the funds are low, when debts seem to overwhelm us every step of the way, when making both ends meet seems an impossibility, remember God’s promise of divine providence. “But my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4: 19 KJV)

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Gato fedorento transformou-se em gato alcoólico

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José Diogo Quintela um dos «Gato(s) Fedorento(s)» foi apanhado com 1,6 gr. de alcool por litro de sangue numa operação da PSP e foi ontem condenado pelo tribunal ao pagamento de 400 euros e à execução de trabalhos a favor da comunidade.

A infracção ocorreu cerca das três horas da madrugada do dia 1 de Janreiro depois do artista ter acabado de fazer o «reveillon» da RTP 1 no Pavilhão Atlântico.

De facto até eu tive receio de ser apanhado pela polícia depois de ter visto aquela «bebedeira» da passagem de ano de 1984 para 1985 com «sketchs» sem graça (muito raras foram as excepções) e com bandas musicais cheias de reformados e incompletas.

Será que ele «enfrascou» para se esquecer daquela «mer(d)a» ?


من ينقذ عمال تراست ببورسعيد بعد ان تخلت عنهم وزيره القوى العامله وجميع المسؤلين بالدوله خوفا من المستثمر الاجنبي

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سننشر ان شاء الله مستندات خطيره جدا
عن شركه تراست للصناعت الكيماويه ببورسعيد
بالصوت والصوره
ومطلوب مسانده من جميع الجهات الحقوقيه
جامع ومسجد يتم هدمه بالشركه ليكون مكانه اداره للهنود
هل هناك يد لليهود الصهاينه في تشريد العمال بالشركه
ومن المسؤل عن بيع الشركه التي تقع في مكان حساس للغايه بمدخل بورسعيد الجنوبي
مدير الموارد البشريه بالشركه اسامه لطفي
يتحدى وزيره القوى العامله ويقول
ان جهات عليا تدخلت ومنعت عائشه عبد الهادي
من الدفاع عن العمال
فصل العماله المصريه واستبدالهم بهنود
تحت مرئى ومسمع المسؤلين بالدوله
الشركه تتهرب من الاموال العامه للدوله وبالمستندات
مدير الموارد البشريه اسامه لطفي يجبر العمال على تقديم استقالتهم ويهددهم بالحاق الضرر بابنائه
ووزاره القوى العامله لا حول لها ولا قوه مع المستثمر الاجنبي
التعدي عليا شخصيا بالضرب والسب امام الجميع من مدير امن الشركه محمد جمال
وتحرير محضر ضدده بقسم شرطه الجنوب
والقسم متواطئ مع الشركه
الاداره تقوم بتزوير عقود العمال لتستطيع فصلهم حتى بدون تقديم استقالات
نيه الشركه في فصل اربعون عامل من الامن خلال ايام ليخلوا الجو لاصحاب المنفعه من اشباه المصريين
للاستفاده من شركه امن خاصه مقابل الاف الجنيهات
عدد خطير للغايه
وتفاصيل اخرى اكثر خطوره سنقوم بعرضها
وعشان تكونوا فاهمين اكتروقبل نشر هذه الفضائح
عايز افكركم بهذا الموضوع فقط


Christian, God is very serious documents

The company

Trust the chemical Snaat Port Said


Support is required from all sides Inn


The mosque is a mosque demolition company to be standing Department of Indians

Is there by the Zionist Jews in the displacement of workers the company

One Person on the sale of the company, which located in a place

Very sensitive to the southern entrance of Port Said

Director of human resources company Osama Lutfi

CHALLENGING Minister of Manpower says

That the supreme bodies intervened and prevented Aisha Abdel Hadi

From defending workers

Separation of Egyptian workers and replacement Behnoud

Under visual and hearing state officials

Company avoids public funds of the state and documents

Human Resources Director Osama Lutfi

Forcing workers to resign

And threatened to damage the Babinahm

And Ministry of Manpower is not helpless

With the foreign investor

Infringement top beating and insult to all

Director of the security company and the liberalization of Mohammed Jamal record Dddh

Agouza Police Southern Section accomplice with the company

Department of rigging contracts for the workers can

Dismissal even without providing resignations

The company’s intention to separate Forty factor of security within days

Air away so owners benefit from the quasi-Egyptian

For the benefit of the doubt private security against thousands of pounds

The number of extremely dangerous

Details of the other more serious, we will offer


Because you Vahmin Aktar

Before the publication of these scandals

I want this subject Avkirkm


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Sri Lankan government pulled out of the ceasefire

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A very sad day not just for all Tamils but for all Sri Lankans (SL)…the Sri Lankan government today officially pulled out of the ceasefire. Norway says Nordic ceasefire officials will likely leave SL…which means more ‘neutral unbiased’ people to witness the atrocity faced by Tamil people, and more chance for killing and abductions to take place against Tamils and be missed by the few eyes left watching…
Sri Lanka ends ceasefire with Tamil Tigers
02 Jan 2008 21:09:33 GMT
Source: Reuters

(Adds probable withdrawal of Nordic monitoring mission, paragraphs 6-9)

By Ranga Sirilal

COLOMBO, Jan 2 (Reuters) – Sri Lanka’s government decided on Wednesday to annul a six-year ceasefire agreement with the Tamil Tigers which would allow a full-scale military campaign to recapture the rebels’ de facto state in the north of the island.

The truce has been dead on the ground since a new phase of a two-decade civil war opened in early 2006 and the announcement came hours after suspected Tiger rebels bombed a military bus in downtown Colombo, killing four people and wounding 24.

“The government has decided to withdraw from the ceasefire,” Lakshman Hulugalle, director general of the Media Centre for National Security, told Reuters.

“Today, at a cabinet meeting, it was decided now the government will give notice to the other party, because there is a clause that says we have to give 14 days’ notice.”

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), who are fighting for an independent state in north and east Sri Lanka, were not immediately available for comment.

Norway, which brokered the 2002 truce, said a Nordic mission monitoring the ceasefire would now “most likely” be withdrawn.

Development Aid Minister Erik Solheim told Reuters that Norway was still willing to serve as facilitator of peace talks so long as it enjoyed the confidence of the two sides.

But Solheim said he feared the Sri Lankan government’s decision to end the ceasefire, which he called a “negative and sad development”, would lead to an escalation of violence.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa said last month he might outlaw the rebels if they continued to mount large-scale attacks, because there was “a limit to our patience, our tolerance”.


Sri Lanka’s defence secretary, Rajapaksa’s brother Gotabaya, called on Saturday for an end to the ceasefire pact. He said it had been violated so many times it had become a sham.

Buoyed by battlefield successes in the east, the Rajapaksa brothers have vowed to defeat the rebels militarily.

Air force jets bombed a suspected rebel sea wing base and a logistics base in the island’s north on Wednesday, which the military said killed two senior insurgents.

Reclusive rebel leader Velupillai Prabhakaran said in November he had no hope of a political settlement with the government after the chief of his political wing was killed in an air force bombing raid.

“We already knew the ceasefire was over,” said Jennifer Harbison, Asia desk head for London-based consultancy Control Risks.

“As long as the war follows the pattern it did before 2002, the priority for foreign businesses is simply to avoid being in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Analysts say there is no clear winner on the horizon and fear the war could grind on for years. More than 5,000 people have been killed since early 2006, taking the death toll since the war erupted in 1983 to around 70,000.

The Tigers have been outlawed as a terrorist group by a host of nations, including the United States, Britain and the European Union, after a series of attacks and assassinations.

A previous government lifted a ban on the Tigers in 2002, paving the way for direct peace talks. (Additional reporting by Peter Apps in London and John Acher in Oslo; writing by Simon Gardner; editing by Robert Woodward)
Norway says Sri Lanka monitors likely to leave
02 Jan 2008 21:03:10 GMT
Source: Reuters

OSLO, Jan 2 (Reuters) – Peace mediator Norway said on Wednesday that a Nordic ceasefire monitoring mission was likely to be withdrawn from Sri Lanka after Colombo said it would annul a 2002 truce with the rebel Tamil Tigers.

Norway’s Development Aid Minister Erik Solheim, who brokered the six-year-old ceasefire, said Norway was willing to continue to serve as facilitator of Sri Lankan peace talks as long as it enjoyed the confidence of the parties to the conflict.

“I think it is most likely that it will have to be withdrawn,” Solheim told Reuters, referring to the Nordic monitoring mission. “Its presence in Sri Lanka is based on the ceasefire agreement.”

Solheim said he feared the Sri Lankan government’s decision to end the ceasefire would lead to an escalation of violence in the Indian Ocean island. He called it a “negative and sad development.”

The truce has been dead on the ground since a new phase of the two-decade civil war began in early 2006. (Reporting by John Acher, Editing by Matthew Jones)


Rediscovery- The Reawakening Of Our Soul

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In these first few days of the New Year, as we walk in the threshold of a new beginning in our lives, it’s timely to reawaken the long dormant dreams and joys in our hearts and rediscover the things that can change our lives forevermore.

Let us rediscover the joy of communing with God in our hearts, of cleansing ourselves of all the dirts and stains of worldly living and walk with faith with Him once more.

Let us rediscover the beauty of nature as we wonder in awe at the majestic mountains rising above everything else in our view.

Let us rediscover the beauty of the sunset in our favorite baywalk as peace and harmony settle down to our boisterous environment.

Let us rediscover the unfolding sunrise in our favorite beach by the seashore as we watch flocks of sea birds flying ecstatically in the skies.

Let us rediscover the joy and thrill of watching in awe the first cry of a new born infant as she struggles to make a resounding impact to a new beginning.

Let us rediscover the joy of expressing our artistic talents once more. They have lain dormant in our creative attic for so long because of our frenzied struggles to eke out a decent living.

Let us rediscover once more the joy of soaring in the heights of our creative spirit as we draw, paint, doodle, play our favorite musical instrument, compose our literary masterpieces, sing our favorite immortal songs, indulge in our favorite sports, do some carpentry or repair works in the house or indulge in our favorite stitching or knitting.

Whatever it is that will bring us joy to rediscover that we are still wonderfully alive, let us do it with the exuberance and enthusiasm of youth.

Let us rediscover the joy of actively living and make each moment of our lives truly a magical one. LET US REDISCOVER OURSELVES ONCE MORE.

Top of The World – The Carpenters (1970s) USA

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بلوجرز تايمز تعود من جديد

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يا شعب البلوجرز العظيم …عاوزين نقولكم إن موقع ( بلوجرز تايمز ) تم إعادة إفتتاحه على العنوان التالى :لو حد منكم كان فاكر الإصدار الأول من الموقع حاز على إعجابكم كلكم , وكان فيه أقسام كتير متميزة زى مجمع المدونات العربى .. واحد من أسهل واشهر مجمعات التدوين فى العالم العربى .. دة غير التحقيقات الى كانت بتنقل لكم نبض المدونين فى كل مكان فى العالم العربى .كل الأقسام دى وأكتر هتكون موجودة عندكم .. دة غير الأقسام الجديدة والنيولوك الخطير للسايت ..الحاضر يعلم الغايب يا سادة إن البلوجرز تايمز راجع وبقوة لم يشهدها أحد من قبل ..ليه تدخل 100 بلوج وإنت عندك بلوك واحد بيختصر لك كل حاجه ؟متفوتش الفرصه وأدخل حالا .. وإدعمنا بالبانر والإعلان للسايت بكل الطرق الى تشوفها مناسبه .. أما لو قلمك جميل وعاوز تشاركنا بالكتابه .. قلبنا وعقلنا مفتوحين على مدار الساعه .. بس إنت إكتب وإبعت لنا .تحياتنا ليكم ..

Lamento por Diotima – Vasco da Graça Moura

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Couple by Emil Schildt from here

O que vamos fazer amanhã
neste caso de amor desesperado?
ouvir música romântica
ou trepar pelas paredes acima?

amarfanhar-nos numa cadeira
ou ficar fixamente diante
de um copo de vinho ou de uma ravina?
o que vamos fazer amanhã

que não seja um ajuste de contas?
o que vamos fazer amanhã
do que mais se sonhou ou morreu?
numa esquina talvez te atropelem,

num relvado talvez me fuzilem
o teu corpo talvez seja meu,
mas que vamos fazer amanhã
entre as árvores e a solidão?

Vasco Graça Moura (n. na Foz do Douro a 3 de Janeiro de 1942; ~ )

(extraído de Poemas de Amor, Antologia de poesia portuguesa, organização e prefácio de Inês Pedrosa, Publicações Dom Quixote)