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Novembro 14, 2007

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Me encanta cómo soy: mis ideas concuerdan completamente con las mías, me encanta cómo soy. Los ideales lejanos que tenía en la infancia, los realizo en mí mismo, me encanta cómo soy.

Y entonces, si me encanta cómo soy, ¿por qué no me has llamado? Si me encanta cómo soy, ¿por qué no has accedido al beso? Si me encanta cómo soy, ¿en qué momento del camino he fracasado?

Quería yo mi carta sin pedanterías, pero da igual: Freud dice que cuanto más grande es el ego más atractivo resulta a los demás, me encanta cómo soy, ¿por qué no me has besado?

Quería yo mi carta sin citas, dice Lennon que el amor es querer ser amado, que el amor es necesitar ser amado, me encanta cómo soy, ¿dónde nos vemos? ¿Esta tarde? ¿Por qué no me has llamado? ¿Por qué no me has besado? Me encanta cómo soy.

Quería yo mi carta sin religión, me encanta cómo soy, dice San Juan y en su Evangelio dice Jesús que sólo una cosa es importante (lo dice Lucas, corrijo): ¿buscar a Dios? Me encanta cómo soy: ¿es esto Dios? Me encanta cómo soy: amor.

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Vignettes From The Pearly Gates (Day 2)

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(Day 2)

Whatever pain you may be suffering in your heart, however heavy the load maybe on your shoulder, however cold and dark your nights may be, remember that, “The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn shining ever brighter till the full light of day.” (Proverbs 4: 18)

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Petition To End Martial Rule In Pakistan

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We, the Undersigned, endorse the following petition:

Pakistan Must End State of Emergency

Target: General Pervez Musharraf, President of Pakistan
Sponsor: Care2
  • Signatures: 7,642
  • Goal: 15,000
  • Deadline: 12-31-2007

President Gen. Pervez Musharraf

The current state of emergency in Pakistan is alarming. We are extremely concerned for the safety of Pakistani citizens, activists and opposition leaders.

In his deliberate attempt to stay in power, General Musharraf has suspended constitutional rights, arrested thousands of opposition leaders, lawyers and human rights activists. Independent TV and radio channels are still not permitted to broadcast.

Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto, who is again under house arrest, is now calling for General Musharraf to step down as president of Pakistan.

Time is of the essence. In Pakistan, a prolonged state of emergency will pave the way for an increase in human rights abuses, torture and even more arbitrary detentions and disappearances.

Tell General Musharraf to end the state of emergency and to hold free and fair elections. The voices of democracy shouldn’t be silenced anymore. Activists, lawyers and opposition leaders must be released immediately.

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Note: This Pakistan Must End State of Emergency petition was submitted by Care2. is a free service provided to help concerned citizens rally support for issues they believe in. The opinions expressed by this petition do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of or There is no express or implied endorsement of this petition nor any newsletter offers (except those from by, Inc,, or our sponsors. If you believe this system is being abused, please contact customer support.

Questions about this petition? Contact the petition sponsor: Care2.
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Political/Civil Liberties


Velocidade – Ronaldo Azeredo

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Na passagem do 1º. aniversário da morte deste poeta brasileiro, um nome importante do movimento concretista.


Nota do webmaster: Uma forma diferente de fazer poesia com letras.


today is a brand new day

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Yesterday, there was grief.
Today, there is hope.
Tomorrow, anything is possible.

Go out looking for happiness.
Forget your inhibitions and rediscover life.

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Outstanding 1.000.000 Visitors !!! Congratulations Nothingandall

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Nothingandall born on 3 Sep 2004. With a litlle more than 3 years, as sitemeter shows, it has just finished to receive the visitor one million! It was from United States of America…

Thanks to everybody!