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Al-ahly hard luck Novembro 9, 2007

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Al-ahly club lose the final match .V. Al-negm club.

The President of Egypt Mubarak attend the match
and I think he mustn’t attend any match again

because his face is very bad lucky


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Un poco de feeling…. ja!

A little of feeling! 🙂

¡Saludos! Feripula, from Buenos Aires.


A poem by Wislawa Szymborska

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Love at First Sight

by Wislawa Szymborska

They both thought
that a sudden feeling had united them
This certainty is beautiful,
Even more beautiful than uncertainty.

They thought they didn’t know each other,
nothing had ever happened between them,
These streets, these stairs, this corridors,
Where they could have met so long ago?

I would like to ask them,
if they can remember –
perhaps in a revolving door
face to face one day?
A “sorry” in the crowd?
“Wrong number” on the ‘phone?
– but I know the answer.
No, they don’t remember.

How surprised they would be
For such a long time already
Fate has been playing with them.

Not quite yet ready
to change into destiny,
which brings them nearer and yet further,
cutting their path
and stifling a laugh,
escaping ever further;
There were sings, indications,
undecipherable, what does in matter.
Three years ago, perhaps
or even last Tuesday,
this leaf flying
from one shoulder to another?
Something lost and gathered.
Who knows, perhaps a ball already
in the bushes, in childhood?

There were handles, door bells,
where, on the trace of a hand,
another hand was placed;
suitcases next to one another in the
left luggage.
And maybe one night the same dream
forgotten on walking;

But every beginning
is only a continuation
and the book of fate is
always open in the middle.

Translation from Polish by Roman Gren
Translation from French by Sarah Hardenberg

posted by Raphael Gadomski, POLAND

Chile, a close meeting

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Make a trip to my country!!!

Eduardo Waghorn from CHILE.


العشرة امبير..اخر صيحات الموضة في العراق!!

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العشرة امبير…اخر صيحات الموضة في العراق!!
طبعا الكل يعرف انو العالم بالقرن الواحد وعشرين بدأ يتقدم للأمام وديتطور بمختلف الاشكال، وهذا التطور جرى على كل متعلقات الحياة، مو بصدد ذكرها هسة لان والله لو اكتب عنها يجوز ما اخلص، بس اكو شي ثاني مو الكل يعرفوه، ودصير بالقرن الواحد وعشرين، وبالعراق طبعا، الكهرباء صارت بس عشرة امبير لكل بيت!!! بعد ما جانت الكهرباء كاملة، يعني الجهاز الكهربائي الي يحتاج اكثر من عشرة امبير حتى يشتغل، ما نكدر نشغله، مع ملاحظة انو بكل بيت عراقي على الاقل اكو جهاز تبريد واحد، المفروض يفيدهم بأيام الصيف الحار، طبعا هذا الحجي قبل الحرب لمن جانت الكهرباء زينة!! لان بعد الحرب تعيشووون، ماكو كهرباء نهائيا وخاصة بالصيف، واجتي بهذا الصيف، وبالتحديد الشهر السابع والثامن، اسابيع ما بيها كهرباء وطنية، اوحكومية، او ما ادري باقي الناس شنو يسموها، فأضطرينا حالنا حال كل الناس، ان نلتزم بالعشرة امبير، ونلغي كل اجهزة التبريد الي بالبيت، ولازم نبدلها بأجهزة تبريد تحتاج اقل من عشرة امبير حتى تشتغل، والمدافيء الزيتية او الكهربائة بأيام الشتا هم ننساها، بس اكو شي وحيد نستفاد منه، هو المي (الماء) الحار بأيام الشتاء، لان قبل العشرة امبير وبسبب عدم وجود الكهرباء السخانات ما تشتغل او الوقت ما يكفي حتى المي يغلي..ف جنا نحمي المي على الصوبات ( المدافيء) النفطية، وجان النفط غالي واصلا ما متوفر بالسوك!! واحنة اهل النفط وبلد النفط، بس بعد ما غيرنا وحورنا الهيتر الموجود داخل السخان، وكل الناس سووا هيجي، كدرنا نحصل على مي حار بالشتا واخيرا، بدون ما نتعذب بيه، فهاي النقطة الايجابية الموجودة بالعشرة امبير! والنقطة الايجابية الثانية هي وجود الكهرباء طول الليل ولحد الصبح بشكل مستمر وتنقطع بالسبعة الصبح، وطول النهار مو دائما اكو عشرة امبير..ومكضيها على المولدات، او مولدات الشارع الي نشترك بيها!!
هذا هم شكل من اشكال التطور مو؟؟

ميشو من العراق


King Tut , The Egyptian Icon

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Nebkheperure Tutankhamun Egyptian (1341 BC – 1323 BC) was a Pharaoh of the Eighteenth dynasty (ruled 1333 BC – 1322 BC in the conventional chronology), during the period of Egyptian history known as the New Kingdom. His original name, Tutankhaten, meant “Living Image of Aten”, while Tutankhamun meant “Living Image of Amun”. He is possibly also the Nibhurrereya of the Amarna letters. He was likely the eighteenth dynasty king ‘Rathotis’, who according to Manetho, an ancient historian, had reigned for nine years—a figure which conforms exactly with Flavius Josephus’ generally accurate version of Manetho’s Epitome.

Tutankhamun was only 8 years old when he became pharaoh. He died 11 years later, at age 19. In historical terms, Tutankhamun is of only moderate significance, and most of his modern popularity stems from the fact that his tomb in the Valley of the Kings was discovered almost completely intact. However, he also is significant as a figure among those who managed the beginning of the transition from the heretical Atenism of his predecessors Akhenaten and perhaps Smenkhkare back to the familiar Egyptian religion.

As Tutankhamun began his reign at age nine, his vizier and eventual successor Ay was probably making most of the important political decisions during Tutankhamun’s reign. Nonetheless, Tutankhamun is, in modern times, one of the most famous of the pharaohs, and the only one to have a nickname in popular culture (“King Tut”). The 1922 discovery by Howard Carter of Tutankhamun’s nearly intact tomb (subsequently designated KV62) received worldwide press coverage and sparked a renewed public interest in ancient Egypt, for which Tutankhamun’s burial mask remains the popular face.

Sharm Of Egypt
WUB Chief



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Quiero dormir en la luna
sentir tu alma en mis manos,
abrazar horizontes de luz
esconder lágrimas derramadas.
Quiero dormir en la luna
sentir sus caricias,
danzar entre sombras
amar infinitos.
Quiero engendrar las estrellas
soñar poesía,
girar entre versos y no sentir dolor…
porque me hace daño tu ausencia,
pero más daño me hace tu amor.