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On this day in History – Oct. 22 Outubro 21, 2007

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On this day in History – Oct. 22

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On this day in History – Oct. 22

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Tolerance is a human attitude that favorably reflects our relationship with our fellowmen. Patience is also a human attribute whereby we do things to achieve a certain purpose in life. It is akin to persistence or sticking to a certain goal until its eventual fruition.

But perseverance is different. It is a godly attribute. It is the conscious decision of a person to willingly accept trials and testings in his life with the hope that his Creator has something sublime in store for him at some future time.

Perseverance is anchored on a living faith and an unshakable hope that the words (promise) of his Creator will come to pass no matter what the present situations maybe.

Perseverance is to go against the common directions of man. By nature, man will always throw off whatever yoke is placed on his shoulders. Not so with the person who perseveres. He willingly accepts the yoke (burden), trusting in the faithfulness of his Creator to accomplish His purpose for laying it on him.

Man may have his own individual reasons for willingly and humbly accepting such yoke on his shoulder. Some would feel liberation from the heavy load of guilt and shame caused by past misdeeds in life. Some would consider it a sacrifice and an offering to be at peace with his Creator. Whatever it is, perseverance is done with a godly intention in mind.

And perseverance produces a godly character- one who looks tenderly at his fellowmen and share in their burdens and toils in life. Fasting and prayer is a form of perseverance.

Climb Every Mountain (from The Sound of Music) 1960s

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Inter de Luanda campeão do Girabola

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O Interclube sagrou-se campeão nacional de futebol da primeira divisão, Girabola 2007, ao vencer esta tarde, no Estádio 22 de Junho, em Luanda, o Santos FC, por 2-0 (golos de Yano e de Romy), em jogo da vigésima sexta e última jornada. O Interclube, treinado pelo ex-benfiquista Mozer, sucede ao 1º. de Agosto, clube que terminou o campeonato no segundo lugar com menos um ponto.

Este triunfo é inédito na vida do clube e para realçar o feito diga-se que o início da época foi muito complicado, tendo a primeita vitória da equipa de Mozer ocorrido apenas à 6ª Jornada (vitória sobre o Atlético Sport Aviação – ASA – por 2-1).


The Voice of Silence

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`The feeling remains that God is on the journey too.’ Saint Teresa of Avila

The image of a bird flying free is a symbol for many of our own yearnings.

In order to create we need to allow our spirits to fly free, to rise about the everyday and look for new perimeters that express the possible not the present.

I know to continue to evolve with truth one needs to always see the distant light, to feel the excitement of exploring a new vision, to remember we are all capable of being renewed, and that our creative voices are pathways to this renewal.

The new directions I have taken with my own work have been such steps.

I needed to find new ways to create and step out beyond the expectations of an established career.

It can be so easy once one has carved out a `niche’ for your creative work to sit in that arena and not venture forward.

Retreating to inner silence was my answer and from this silence new arenas and directions emerged.

I had been used to using time in structured active ways so learning to retreat to this silence has been a new learning experience.

But doing this has showed me how in this silence we can hear the `powerful voice’ that directs our path and allows us to `fly free’.

Greetings to all from Greenearth in Australia

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