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On this day in History – Oct. 02 Outubro 1, 2007

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On this day in History – Oct. 02

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On this day in History – Oct. 02

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URGENT NEWS : 200 detained passed from rafah crossing

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after tragedy long more than 3 monthes
palestinin has suffered all forms of torture whether Psychological and physical
at the “rafah”crossing and “arish” and “rafah” city
news are received from “internet activists” according to that :
Deportation 200 of detained in “arish” airport .. and “arish” police station
with out minimum guilt … the only accusation they
maybe made mistake when decide cross out of “rafah”crossing
maybe made mistake when they peleive in the Egypt will be a second fatherland
as she was before
Elso the activists has confirmed :
all the deportation are arrivals to home with peace
in my p.openion :
the activists are contributed significantly to mack government take this step
unexpected …. thats come after multiplicity visits to bugs and detained
they managed to get some of admissions written with handwritten
according they decide they will mack a open strike about food until deportation them
or release cuz they dont committed any charge to hold
and the activists reactions was :
publication all the admissions on the internet a wide
thats significantly to take this step as im say unexpected

thanx to all who significantly to take this step
and we hop to follow this step with more steps
like :
open the “rafah”crossing
cuz thats is the only gate to “ghaza”
we wont let israeil take a control of our life style
we need Entry to Egyption lands to get treatment
but now we cant entry and we die , cuz the “rafah” crossing is closed
and israeil take a “siege” on us

International Day of Non-Violence

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India won a small but significant victory at the United Nations on Friday with the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) unanimously adopting an Indian resolution to declare Mohandas Karamchand (Mahatma) Gandhi’s birthday, October 2, as the International Day of Non-Violence.

The government tabled the resolution at the UNGA on May 31 this year to declare the Mahatma’s birth anniversary as a day of non-violence internationally.Item 44, a resolution in the Culture of Peace segment at the UNGA to commemorate Gandhi”s birthday, received co-sponsorship from 142 member countries of the UN.

The resolution comes into effect from the 62nd session of the UNGA beginning in September. From October 2 this year and every year subsequently, the date will be commemorated as the International Day of Non-violence, the draft declaration states.

The idea was mooted as a small token of recognition for the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi earlier this year at a conference to celebrate the centenary of Gandhiji’s adoption of the satyagraha (non-violent non-cooperation) as a mode of protest


Funny reflection

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the reflection more interesting than I have listened in long time

To be is to do “Socrates”
To do is to be “Sartre”
Do be do be do “Sinatra”



Musical suggestions of the day

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Julie Andrews [Julia Elizabeth Wells] born 1 October 1935 in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, England
Lonely Goathered

Nicola Di Bari born on 29 September 1940 in Zapponeta, Italy
I Giorni Dell’Arcobaleno / Arco-Iris