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No Irão não há homossexuais… – Ahmadinejad Setembro 25, 2007

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«No Irão não há homossexuais como no vosso país. Não temos disso no nosso país. No Irão não temos este fenómeno, não sei quem vos disse que temos» – Ahamadinejad, Presidente do Irão.


On this day in History – Sep. 26

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On this day in History – Sep. 26

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On this day in History – Sep. 26

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They’re just music instruments!

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What’s this pale life without music pumping it with colors and meanings? What’s a song with no music instruments breathing life into it? What’s a singer without his/her band? What’s a band without smart instruments? And what are instruments without skilled players with full devotion?

There are unique characteristics for each music instrument. We’ve heard of the string, wind, percussion and keyboard instruments. Each one of them, no matter to which category it belongs, is an individual world with special characteristics, nature and charm. To play any of those instruments, you need to have the skill to work it. No matter how great your appearance is, it remains insignificant to those sensitive objects. Your talent, magic and passion are what really matter, and the rest is just unneeded luxury.

You see the Clarinet…slender and subtle, it grabs your heart before your eyes. You enjoy hearing its sound when it’s played by the “experts,” but that doesn’t keep your hands off of it. At the beginning you find your way with it pretty challenging, “Do I have to be professional to play it?” Sure! Otherwise you’ll be very disappointed with the results. Nevertheless, as soon as you learn the proper steps, you skillfully convert your inner emotions to air blown through the mouthpiece. And if you press the metal keys with the fingers of both hands, it will respond to your touches with different sounds that are capable of stealing your senses. It doesn’t take much for the Clarinet to give it all to you. Just be gentle and professional, and only then it will produce such an engaging fluid sound. Those who fall for the Clarinet are compassionate with rich inner souls.

Unlike the delicate Clarinet, the Drum needs that “aggressiveness” and power. You don’t have to guess, it’s obvious, and you already know what it needs to work. You just might not have the skill to master it the right way. Drums are round, large and not very attractive at first, but don’t you go crazy when you hear it? And even crazier when you communicate with it? It needs to be beaten, either directly with body parts, or with some sort of “implement” to produce sound. You beat it and beat it and beat it, and the harder you beat it the louder it gets. Did you ever wonder how patient and obedient this instrument is? You probably never noticed that her actions are actually reactions to your madness. Try to track your hits, and see how the sound goes louder each time you hit. You can turn the loud sound of the Drum into powerful music that could rock your body and soul. Even if you weren’t a fan of the Drum, you can’t deny that the Drum is the heart of any live “concert.”

You know it’s beautiful and irresistible. You’ve had many dreams about it and now it’s finally yours, but don’t you even dare to drag it into your bedroom! No matter how “skilled” and “passionate” you think you are. Your bedroom remains the most inappropriate and limited place that can fit the majesty of the Piano. This instrument was created to standout, to be in front of the eyes of everyone, and in the middle of the crowd. That doesn’t mean it’s going to follow you to the empty sidewalks. Your skill, passion and love are not enough to fill the strut Piano that is surrounded with lovers of every kind. There are always better admirers who are way better than you, and who fell hard for it. Remember to be competitive and superb, there is always a Chopin, a Beethoven and even a Mozart out there. You could probably drag it after you flaunt it in front of a rich audience, in one of those historical theaters to prove that you deserve it. Don’t forget to wear your expensive suit. Unfortunately, when it comes to the Piano, you have to go a little materialistic. You have to spend and pretend, my friend! If you love it, you need to sacrifice your simplicity to maintain your relationship with this fine popular instrument.

This one is a different story. It doesn’t work without it resting on your shoulder (pretty pampered and dependent, but wait! That’s not all). Don’t let the heavenly sound of the magical Violin lead you to believe “it’s beautiful and easy to get.” The Violin is not as predictable as it may appear. Mastering the Violin is a complex process that requires years and years of extensive and constant attempts. Don’t hold your breath; this is not the hardest part of the relationship. You should be able to transmit your feelings to the “listener” while feeling perfectly at ease. Remember sophistication is the number one rule here. There would be times where you would burst and say, “That’s enough, this isn’t working for me, and I’m fed up!” But then you find yourself with your head bent in total submission, trying to tame it, when in reality you are the one being tamed. If you think you can go through all that then go for it! The lovely Violin is worth the entire struggle for sure. It could be soft and expressive and/or exciting and brilliant. You just need to learn what “strings” to touch and where, and when to stop “tightening” them. Last but not least, don’t forget to put it back in that velvet case, otherwise hands will be all over it.

Sounds like women? Well, this musician could be any male, and that instrument could be any female. There aren’t that many persons who are capable of playing instruments. You could play one, two, or even three…but you won’t be a good musician with all of them. Most talented famous musicians in the world – Like Yanni, Reginald kell and Naseer Shama – only knew how to play one of those instruments, and people are impressed, influenced and inspired by them. people learn from professionals like that and they look up to them. Usually, those who know how to play more than two instruments are the worst players of all. They waste their passion and skill, they divide it in shattered pieces – as if it was charity—a little here and a little over there. They could work two instruments or even four, but they aren’t good at them. Their talent becomes exhausted, and their passion becomes fragile. Indeed, those were the ones driven by selfishness to have it all, and that’s why they didn’t accomplish much and we didn’t hear about any one of them. They fail to offer total devotion and complete passion.You see how important dedication and devotion are? Same thing applies to women and relationships.

Women are music instruments yearning for skilled players that could actually “work it,” and not complain about how “hard it is” and fail to “master it.” The types of music instruments (women) pass the number of your ten fingers—so thinking that they are all the same is pretty idiotic, you know?—and each one of them has its own charm and magic, but to get it, you are required to learn those “specific techniques.” Please, stop dreaming of all of them. Sure, they’re beautiful when they are all “played” but they require just one player, and not just any player. Each one needs a player that is excellent. Whether you are the lover of the subtle Clarinet, the magnificent Piano, the wild Drum, or even the soft Violin you need to be an expert. Don’t blame it on any of them if you get noise instead of music, the chances are: you’re a terrible player. Ever dreamed of being a fine musician instead of just being an amateur player shifting and changing instruments every time you fail?


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`If your heart is a volcano, how shall you expect flowers to grow?’ Kahlil Gibran.

Each of us has known the moment when our heart felt like a volcano.

That pounding anger that fills our thoughts with darkness and blocks our creativity.

But it is not by denying these feelings we renew our creativity but by acknowledging their source and finding constructive ways to clear them away.

For `The Spirit’ to flow we too need to keep these channels clear.

Anger that lingers is dark and blocks the light.

Volcano’s are about flow, they burst their way out of the earth and with time create rich soil in which flowers flourish.

Our hearts can be the same.

An acknowledgement of the power of our feelings, a flow towards resolution, then again growth.

To allow a lingering of anger results in darkness where the flowers of creativity have no light.

We see pain and suffering all around us in the world as a result of old angers that continue to create such darkness.

Creativity is about walking towards light and joy, it’s about allowing the rich volcanic soil to fill our hearts with flowers.

Peace and Greetings to all from Greenearth in Australia


en donde quedo el derecho????

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hace ya un tiempo que me molesta algo es sobre el reallity de los niños …yo me pregunto en donde están sus derechos???…quienes son los encargados de velar por ellos???
sus padres??? los organismos de defensa???…porque se lucra con tantos chicos???
que pasó con los adultos que alguna vez fueron niños???acaso su memoria se les borró???

no estoy deacuerdo con el uso y abuso de los niños en labores que no son propias de ellos….
la infancia es muy corta para perderla abruptamente
la infancia es una etapa que ha de ser preservada y cuidada celosamente!!!



στις σκιές του μυαλού μου

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Στο σκοτάδι

δεν υπάρχει ασχήμια

δεν έμεινε

Στην καρδιά μου

υπάρχει αγάπη


Στα νυχτολούλουδα που λατρεύω

όταν παίρνω ανάσες

όταν νοιώθω γυμνός

όταν νοιώθω χαμόγελα

όταν δακρύζω

υπάρχει το πάθος

Μια ελπίδα χαμένη

και τα μάτια μισά


πίσω από τοίχους

το είναι μου

Κρατώ μια ζωή την εικόνα

και ψάχνω

στις σκιές του μυαλού μου

το άφταστο



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Theses of Informationalism (First Revision)

This is the first revision of the founding theses that make up my philosophy of Informationalism. I hope you enjoy reading them!

Term: Information- knowledge gained through study, communication, research, instruction, etc.; factual data.

1. The fundamental problem with materialism is that it does not take into account the influence of information. It is in the ability to record, pass on, and understand information that the advanced manipulation of material circumstances becomes possible.

2. The only way to value a species is by its ability to expand and perpetuate the information it acquires over time. A species that cannot do this must in time be overcome and eliminated by their material circumstances.

3. “The question whether objective truth can be attributed to human thinking is not a question of theory but is a practical question. Man must prove the truth — i.e. the reality and power, the this-sidedness of his thinking in practice. The dispute over the reality or non-reality of thinking that is isolated from practice is a purely scholastic question.”

-Marx; Theses on Feuerbach II

4. Asymmetric Information leads to social distinction, especially within humanity. Oligopolies of materials and Information are inefficient. Thus a species with asymmetric information is not maximizing its value and risking its existence.

5. Ensuring free distribution and acquisition of Information is the only way to maximize the value of a society. Therefore the goal of a human society must be the freedom of information and the subsidizing of its acquisition in all fields.

6. The laws and structure of society must be formulated and adapted to the practical judgement of acquired Information. Society should be based on conclusions stemming from the best tested Information, and adapt to reflect the consensus of the Information.

7. “The free communication of ideas and opinions is one of the most precious of the rights of man; every citizen can then freely speak, write, and print, subject to responsibility for the abuse of this freedom in the cases is determined by law”.

-11th Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen (August 1789)

8. “Open covenants of peace, openly arrived at, after which there shall be no private international understandings of any kind but diplomacy shall proceed always frankly and in the public view.”

-Woodrow Wilson; Point I


Zeta Jones / Michael Douglas birthday

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Catherine Zeta Jones commemorates today her 38th birthday. But do you know that Michael Douglas, her husband, was born on the same day, 25 years before? Yes. It’s true. Congratulations also to Michael Kirk Douglas!

I’m surprised to not receive any invitation to be present at their their great party… I still expect the heli … If not, next year I don’t issue a post.