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PROCRASTINATION Setembro 14, 2007

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Procrastination is a deadly disease. Deadly because people who have it fail to recognize it or they just ignore it altogether. It’s vocabulary is as deadly too- later, tomorrow, next time and someday. Procrastinators have eight days in a week- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and the eighth day is called…SOMEDAY.

Someday may mean tomorrow, next week, next month, next year or maybe… never. It can be as long as eternity itself. How often have we been turned off by people who just did not have time for us? How often have we been hurt when people turn us down by such words as: “I’m too busy right now, I’ll attend to you later”; or “just come back some other time when I’m no longer busy.” Do we remember the hurt look at the face of our child when we hollered at him with such words as “Can’t you see that I’m busy? Go to your mommy!” That will be the start of the day our child will look for attentions from others. That may happen to our spouses too. If we don’t have much time for them, others may give them the time and attention they craved from us and we might lose them altogether. Then we will rue the day that we did not give them the quality time that they were crying for. Regrets will set in and we will say to ourselves, “If only I had time for them.”

The antidote for procrastination is purposeful living, if we know the purpose of God for our lives and accomplish each task for His glory alone. Next time that there is a task at hand, say to God and to yourself: “I’ll do it Lord for your glory, right here and now.”


Everything I Do – Bryan Adams

Mel Avila Alarilla


O que mais vai acontecer ?

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Ameaça de praga de ratos vindos de Espanha…

O vírus das aves chega a Portugal através dos patos…

Caso Maddie com os pais a passarem a arguidos… continua a ser a maior telenovela -é possível a hipocrisia da natureza humana chegar ao ponto de serem capazes de montar este espectáculo todo e serem culpados?…

Portugal não ganha há três jogos seguidos, tem a qualificação em perigo, e ainda por cima Scolari quer converter-se em Socolari.

Dalai-Lama, Prémio Nobel, vem a Portugal e nem o Governo nem o Presidente da República o recebe…

Estraguei o meu ipod Nano ao ligá-lo a um buraco (terminal) errado do computador…

Luis Filipe de Meneses não quer dar dicas a José Sócrates e só responde ao que quer e quando quer…

Pouca imaginação para pôr um post hoje no blog…

Como se ainda fosse pouco, a meio do dia, entornei a chavéna de café por cima do casaco, da camisa e das calças…

Vamos lá a ver o que mais vai acontecer!


If ….

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Friday, September 14, 2007

if tomorrow starts without me
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`A thing of beauty is a joy forever.’ John Keats

Each of us perceives beauty in our own way.

But to be open to the beauty around we often need to unlock old patterns and look with new eyes.

The world around us is constantly changing but old patterns give security and many of us find them hard to let go.

I visited a friend recently who had moved from a house to an apartment.

My first comment on visiting the apartment was how special the views were from each window.

My friends reply was that they had not noticed.

She was wishing she was back in house and had not opened her eyes to the vistas from her new home.

This can happen for each of us with so many things.

Connecting to the present and letting go of old boundaries and hurts can open the way to new concepts of beauty.

For both individuals and artists this allows a new and wider vision of what can be to emerge.

كل منا يدرك الجمال بطريقتنا الخاصة.

بل أن تكون مفتوحة أمام الجمال حول أننا كثيرا ما تحتاج الى اطلاق الأنماط القديمة ونظرة جديدة العينين.

العالم من حولنا يتغير باستمرار ، ولكن الأنماط القديمة واعطاء الامن الكثير منا يصعب العثور عليهم ترك الذهاب.

زرت مؤخرا الاصدقاء الذين انتقلوا من منزل الى شقة.

تعليقي الاول على زيارة الشقه الخاصة بكيفيه الآراء من كل نافذة.

اصدقائي كان الرد انه لم يلاحظ.

قالت انها كانت ترغب في اعادة ترتيب البيت لم تفتح عينيها الى آفاق جديدة لها من الداخل.

ويمكن ان يحدث هذا لكل منا الكثير من الاشياء.

لهذا الربط وترك الذهاب القديمة الحدود ويضر لا يمكن فتح الطريق أمام مفاهيم جديدة للجمال.

Greetings to all from Greenearth in Australia


A Short Message with Lots of Feelings

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Little girl and her father were crossing a bridge. The father was kind of scared so he asked his little daughter, “Sweetheart, please hold my hand so that you don’t fall into the river.” The little girl said, “No, Dad. You hold my hand.” “What’s the difference?” Asked the puzzled father. “There’s a big difference,” replied the little girl. “If I hold your hand and something happens to me, chances are that I may let your hand go. But if you hold my hand, I know for sure that no matter what happens, you will never let my hand go.”

In any relationship, the essence of trust is not in its bind, but in its bond.

So hold the hand of the person who loves you rather than expecting them to hold yours…

This message is too short……but carries a lot of Feelings. I got this from a friend of mine…and want to share with my friends here. Love you all. Have a great weekend.



where we could find peace

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you can find peace in a child’s eye playing with his toy!
you can find peace in a mother’s heart watching her kid sleeping
you can find peace in a lover who knows that theres someone who cares!
and you could find it in the face of an old man satisfied of the years which went by.
you could find it in a family gathering in a speacial holiday.
you can find in any drop of the rain
and when the suns shine on you be sure that peace is true!
i found it in friends comforting me when i am down
and i found it in a prayer that takes me closer to allah
but seriously i don’t know when we can find peace in the world!

Seeds Of Revolution

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On the photo: Protest march and gay pride march, together in Mexico City.
Photographer: Jorge Rojas.

Every day, in some place of the world, human beings do exist to protest, to shout, to march, to believe, at least for a moment, in their voices will be listened to, that their requests about having a better reality could be taken care of.

We see marching on, a thousand-one petitionary unfoldings, painted sheets and transgressors expressions, trying to shake those ambitious leaders minds, to sway the Earth under the selfish feet of the political class; or at least, the spirits worn away trying to open some mind who is not sunk in the status quo dream –or should I say nightmare?- to join the raw material -so limited- of the change.

What is still surviving in those manifestations? The passion! People who feel that their veins urge to them into the action, while in their thoughts there are persisting ideals absolutely out of that induced sleep made by the narcotic lights of television. Then, their lethargic muscles refuse to remain in inertia, in resignation, in “the country of it does not pass anything” – as shamefully Mexico has been called, then, they go out to main streets to exude his slogans.

Most of these revolutionary seeds remain buried under the weight of the present cacique’s boot or imploding under the pressure of hunger, heat or fatigue… we must remember that they are made of flesh and blood! Besides: Who supports a revolution that lasts one hundred years?

Stay firm until marking ways outside of the system is a very difficult election, seeming impossible getting to hammer the imperialistic structure foundations giving us a tick consumption cover, taking us into attempts -and profits- of suicide, real or platonic ones, because with continuous defeat it is practically inevitable to wish a massive annihilation of those zapatist, cheguevarist, bolivarist voices and other ones, which takes us out of our refuges antibombs comfort.

Why don’t we realize that we are still alive? Why don’t we realize that is imperative to revolutionize first to truely evolve –without talking about technological-scientists instrumentalisms-?

The base of the transformation is in our own nature, in that intensity that we have let rest by centuries, that we allowed “daddy government” to castrate… It is not late to unite forces with those ones non “being carried” (people bought with a luch to make pseudo protests with merely partisan endings) who persist in their fight to achieve better life conditions and a freer life – not as liberal or neoliberal at all -.

Some lucky people (in Cuba or Venezuela, saying representative examples) -who do not realize their fortune- can still say: “Until when, do we have to support to carry on this revolution?”… while in places like Mexico, there are some rebels daring to protest: “Until when, will we have to wait to wake up the ideal of change?”

Written by Akasha Dulcinea
(Mariela Oscoy)

Happy Birthday Carmen Kass

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Carmen Kass, wallpaper, click on photo to get hight resolution


On this day in History – Sep 14

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On this day in History – Sep 14

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