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On this day in History – Sep 10 Setembro 9, 2007

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On this day in History – Sep 10

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On this day in History – Sep 10

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Passion Fire

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The Creator’s pilot light flames eternally deep within me.

Mis-matches have struck against me.
Some have caused sparks or brief sputtering eruptions.
Some even burst into roaring bonfires.
Few have brushed down my mountains for years on end.

My soul has third degree burns from the third degree
I get when society asks me
Repeatedly …
“How’s your love life?”

Water evaporates when it hits these flames.
Thus, the rivers of tears cannot stop the burning.
And lately … I cannot cry for long.

Yet, peace be still …
The Flame simmers eternally within me and
Expectation licks at these lips in anticipation of the Passion to come.

C.A. Paige©May 2007
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un poco de niño

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Voy a citarme la seriedad,
y te voy a comprar un helado,
me voy a sentar en la calle,
y voy a jugar a gritar sin sentido,
me diran loco,
me llamaran extraño,
me mandaran a callar,
pero creo que no lo puedo evitar.
Voy a empezar a ser niño,
jugare con mis juguetes,
viajare en mi nave interplanetaria,
llegare a tocar la luna,
y traere queso para mis ratones.
Sere de chocolate,
y buscare comerme unas fresas,
saltare una cama,
brincare un costal,
subire a tu espalda y me llevaras a caminar,
subiras a la mia, y te llevare a volar,
y tendre un par de marcadores,
para pintar en las paredes que quiera,
y de nuevo, dormire como duere un niño,
en un mundo imaginario
bajo un arbol de manzanas
para comer una diaria,
antes de que me duela la panza.


Musical suggestions of the day

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Michel Bublé was born on Sep 9, 1975 in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

The way you look tonight

Otis Redding was born on Sep 9, 1941 in Dawson, Georgia, U.S.A (died on Dec 10, 1967, in Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A.)
Midnight hour


Know What You Want…

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MASA sangat berharga..the time is so precious!

Always pay attention and know what you want-you just might get it,otherwise you are doomed to get what you worry about – that one which you do not want.

The best communicators and the most persuasive presenters know exactly what they want to say and how they want to impact their audience.If they want you to laugh they tell a good joke, if they want you to listen up they might speak more softly or even pause and use silence to capture your attention.And if they want to feel relaxed and confident for a big event they prepare diligently in advance of the big day.

Be highly specific about your intentions and you will find the steps to take you where you want to go.Your steps to success are actually out there – you just have to find the way and find your gold.

Noushy Syah,UK.