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Today, The friends lost Pavarotti Setembro 6, 2007

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Luciano Pavarotti died, today, in Modena, Italy (b. 12 Oct, 1935). His death was expected because he was seriously ill, as admitted his daughter Juliana a few weeks ago – «He knows he will die soon…».

Pavarotti is an extraordinary personality of the music that I learnt to appreciate, not because i am an expertise about music. For other hand we have something in common : Oct, 12, our birthday. It’s true! Surely we enjoyed good moments at the same time (in different places)…

I can’t see anymore new «Pavarotti with friends»… but if you will listen, next days, some music from the heaven, certainly, will be the angels singing under his direction…

Peace for the soul of someone who told «… to be alive is plenty enough».

Pavarotti + George Benson


Doris Bittar at Nahr elBared in 2002

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After reading my Sept 2 post, painter-photographer Doris Bittar sent me a few thoughts, as well as the pictures below.

She told me about a trip to Narh el-Barad in 2002:

“We stayed overnight in the camp and then traveled with our friends to Syria. Our friend Jamal is from San Diego but his parents remain in the camp. His mother had the most lovely kitchen and a roof top with a garden, a space to dream while you looked out to the sea to the west and the high mountains to the east.

“I was interested in the rich personal spaces that people create for themselves in the camp, in this unpromising environment. Jamal’s mother, like so many Palestinian women, made a special home for her family. I attached a portrait collage of her in her kitchen.”


Musical suggestions of the day

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Roger Waters was born on September 6, 1943 in Surrey, England
Time – Roger Waters (Pinkfloyd)

Dolores O’Riordan (The Cranberries)(Dolores Mary Eileen O’Riordan) was born on September 6, 1971 in Limerick, Ireland
Zombie (MTV unplugged)- The Cranberries

Nina Persson (The Cardigans) was born on September 6, 1974 in Örebro, Sweden
Lovefool (acoustic) – Cardigans

Tom Fogerty (Creedance Clearwater Revival) died on Sep. 6, 1990 in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA (b. November 9, 1941 in Berkeley, California, USA).
Have you ever seen the rain – Creedance Clearwater Revival


World united bloggers

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Thanks for all

The Islamic History in Europe

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من فترة لقيت اجزاء لفيلم وثائقى مترجم على موقع اليو تيوب عن الحضارة الاسلامية اللى اتاسست فى اجزاء من اوروبا واشهرها الاندلس وطبعا لاغنى عن التعريف اللى عمله المسلمين فى الاندلس وعمارة وزخرفة قصورها
انا حبيت انقل لكم جزء من 9 اجزاء من الفيلم واللى عملته محطة
BBC البريطانية

It is a part from a movie about the Islamic History in Europe made by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) .


Deena Jouni Safir Article

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Deena Jouni wrote an article about us for As-Safir (Daily Arabic Newspaper in Beirut.) Click on the Safir logo below to read it!



Clearing Away Shadows

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`If we have no peace it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.’ Mother Teresa

As we start to create in our lives what will happen is change.The wonderful flow of ` Spirit’ as we work releases often unknown parts of ourselves and a new sense of being will emerge.Change always creates feelings of unease. If what has been released is very strong it can feel overwhelming.

Sometimes a painting will take on its own life and make us feel on the edge and uncomfortable. Once the painting is worked through to completion it will feel wonderful and releasing but the process itself can feel somewhat raw.

Our society does not welcome this `rawness’. Artists have historically been seen as `kind of crazy’, a little different in our structured civilizations, our loss as the joy of creativity brings life, music and warmth.

But our `World’ is changing, and this change is starting on an individual level. It is only when we allow a `little rawness’ to precipitate change in ourselves, that we can emerge with another dark shadow removed from within. The new light that takes this shadow’s place will then shine out and create broader change.

‘اذا كنا لا سلام ولأننا نسينا ان ننتمي الى بعضنا البعض. ‘

نبدأ خلق في حياتنا ما سيحدث هو تغيير. الرائع تدفق روح ” نحن نعمل نشرات غالبا مجهول اجزاء من انفسنا واحساسا جديدا يجري ستخرج. التغيير دائما يخلق مشاعر القلق. واذا ما تم الافراج قوية جدا يمكن ان يشعر الطاغيه.

احيانا وحة ستأخذ على حياتها وتجعلنا نشعر على حافة وغير مريحه. عندما عملت من خلال اللوحه على الانتهاء وسوف نرى العجب ولكن عملية الافراج عن نفسها يمكن ان يشعر بعض الشيء الخام.

مجتمعنا لا نرحب بهذه عدم النضج ”. الفنانون تاريخيا يعتبر نوعا من ‘مجنون’ ، وهو يختلف كثيرا في منطقتنا منظم الحضارات ، ونحن الخسارة فرحة الحياة يأتي الابداع الموسيقي والدفء.

ولكن نحن في العالم ” يتغير ، وهذا التغيير بدأ على مستوى الفرد. انه فقط عندما سمحنا لعدم النضج ا ‘قليلا’ متعجل لتغيير أنفسنا ، اننا نستطيع الخروج الظل القاتم آخر ازيلت من الداخل. الجديد الخفيفه الظل يأخذ هذا المكان ثم يلمع بها ، وإيجاد أوسع التغيير.

Greetings to all from Greenearth in Australia