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Thankful Agosto 6, 2007

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I am thankful for many blessings! A few are listed here:

*To be part of the blog-o-sphere efforts to spread joy, peace & understanding through communication! Especially, this World United Blog!

*To know & love my parents as well as I do!

*To have my health & strength (mental AND physical:-)!

*To awake each morning with a new chance to GET. IT. WRITE!

*To have an artist’s sensibilities and ability to be touched by others!

*To be a blessing TO others!

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3 Responses to “Thankful”

  1. Tondo Rotondo Says:

    I everybody do this… we will live as one. With all our colours, wuth all our hearth…

    All the best from Catalonia!

  2. Noushy Syah Says:

    Should appreciate and be thankful for the blissful life that we had..


  3. Jim Says:

    je t’aime
    sorry for the unpleasantness earlier

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