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Why men lie… Julho 30, 2007

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Guys no offense.Be realistic.This is part of life and reality.They say,truth hurts….I bet there are so many guys in this WUB perhaps could voice out to back up your statements, hehehhe…..
Men lie. Women lie as well, but it doesn’t seem like they do it nearly as often. And while it’s easy to dismiss dishonesty of any kind as wrong, sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that, while not necessarily excusing the deception, at least put it into some context. Remember, though, that there are at least as many reasons that men lie as there are men, and like those men, some reasons are good, and some are not so good. Common reasons for deception:

1. He didn’t want to hurt you
Lying to protect someone’s feelings is probably the closest thing to a “good lie” there is, with the exception of lying to protect national security. Men have been known to modify truths if those truths would hurt someone they care about, and in some cases, the victim of the lie can appreciate it as a kindness. Man will lie to spare her feelings if he can,in a way, he doesn’t even consider it dishonest… it’s a matter of doing something kind versus doing something right. That’s a difficult choice.

2. He didn’t want to hurt himself
Ah, the classic “the truth would have embarrassed me” argument. Falling into the “nice try” category of excuses, a lie that protects the liar’s feelings is a lot worse than one that protects yours. Men can’t think of a single reason to lie just to spare their own feelings. Most men have done it occasionally, but protecting ownself at the expense of someone else is wrong.

3. He said what he thought you wanted to hear
Men are not the most astute readers of feminine desires, and sometimes they will tell a fib because they believe that you’d rather hear an untruth than something potentially hurtful.By saying something a woman wants to hear, even if it’s untrue,have occasionally defused a fight.It’s not something they defend, instead something that seems right at the time.

4. Some things are best left unsaid
Occasionally, men will lie to protect a secret that is either not your business, would cause trouble if revealed, or both. The old “cover-up” comes in two types: a lie to conceal some wrongdoing, like cheating, and a lie to conceal something else, like the fact that he, too, used to be a woman.Even close couples occasionally have secrets.The fact is, not everything is everyone’s business. Some sleeping dogs should be left alone.

5. He’s an idiot
Sometimes there is no excuse. Sometimes men lie, for whatever reason, and there’s just no defense. Frustratingly, such men are often adept at concealing themselves, so you must trust your heart and instincts when you sense deception. If a man is habitually dishonest, he’s probably not worth your time.

So great is the power of honesty that we esteem it even in an enemy. While lies can spare feelings, offset trouble and protect secrets, the fact is that honesty is an unassailable fortress, even if the truth sometimes hurts. You must take deceptions as you take your men: on a case-by-case basis. When you’ve been lied to, trust is in doubt forever, but can also be regained with a lot of hard work on both sides. Use your judgment, and above all, be honest with yourself.

What’s your say?

Noushy Syah,UK.


11 Responses to “Why men lie…”

  1. Sharm Says:

    I lie when i feel that i will hurt somebody with my words ..

    JUST !!!

  2. Noushy Syah Says:

    Hahahaha..that’s what we called a white lie:p, with good intentions I supposed.


  3. eduardo waghorn Says:

    Everbody lie, men or women…and of course it is an unwise practice…
    Greetings from Chile!

  4. Noushy Syah Says:

    Yeah rite, do you support the reasons stated above, or perhaps you have some other explaination…

    Do you think that sometimes we could be flexible and loosen a bit in this matter?

  5. Jim Says:

    the good lie of women is faking an orgasm some times

    to protect his ego

  6. Maioush Says:

    Now Noushy, I’m not defending men here, but allow me to say men and women lie about the same, and for the same reasons!!
    As a girl, I lie for the same reasons you just mentioned up there, I don’t want to hurt someone, I don’t want to be in trouble, and sometimes people DO want to hear some words from you, even though they know it’s a lie., human beings are like that, it’s something in out nature..

  7. Noushy Syah Says:


    To protect ego of the guy??If he could make his woman satisfied, I just don’t understand why should fake then!

  8. Noushy Syah Says:


    Telling odd white lie is an accepted part of everyday life. Let’s get real here, not always as blatantly as some people but certainly on a regular basis.

    Since women dont lie as often as men do and if they do perhaps the reasons are not the same as stated!!

    Women might lie about buying expensive stuff, and said were bargain, just to keep her hubby keep quiet!!

    Though the odd lie is harmless but one big ones can cause devastating effects, especially not in a’re dead man!!

  9. Olivia Skali Says:

    (I am a woman and I lie as possible less. But I respect the reasons of the men lies.)
    Anyway, the communication is sometimes difficult…

  10. Anonymous Says:

    The problem is most men lie to cover themselves…then pretending to be so sensitive and caring…

    Why can’t just tell the truth? It’s known that truth hurts but that’s the reality, why lie?

    And to the women, why would you want to hear compliments if you know you don’t deserve it…asking question like am I fat? I’am beautiful..can’t you just look into the mirror and see for yourself!

    So at some point I said women are the cause if some men do lie!!

  11. SID Says:

    Yes, this is not a matter of men, but also it is of women, and of course it is not right, but nobody can juge ‘cause everyone we lie when we can, when we want, when we should..etc..very nice post

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