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Damn the Japonese Julho 28, 2007

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I was on tour for a week
when i returned home
my home looked different
everything was re-arranged

i cudnt even find my undies

Bad Bernie>

Bad Bernie was in prison for seven years. The day he got out, his wife>and son were there to pick him up.

He came through the gates and got into>the car.>> The only thing he said was, “F.F.”>> His wife turned to him and answered, “E.F.”>> Out on the highway, he said, “F.F.”>> She responded simply, “E.F.”>> He repeated, “F.F.”>> She again replied, ” E.F.”>>

“Mom! Dad!” their son yelled. “What’s going on?”>> Bad Bernie answered, “Your mother wants to eat first!”>>

******************************>> Olympic Gold Medal>

Three women were sitting around talking about their sex lives.>> The first said, “I think my husband’s like a championship golfer. He’s>spent the last ten years perfecting his stroke.”>> The second woman said, “My husband’s like the winner of the Indy 500.>Every time we get into bed he gives me several hundred exciting laps.”>> The third woman was silent until she was asked, “Tell us about your>husband.”>> She thought for a moment and said, “My husband’s like an Olympic>gold-medal-winning quarter-miler.”>> “How so?”>> “He’s got his time down to under 40 seconds.”> ******************>>

Yard Sale> A man was walking one day, when he came to this big house in a nice>neighbourhood.>> Suddenly he realised there was a couple making love out on the lawn.
>behind some bushes by the house.>> He walked up to the door of the house, and knocked. A well dressed woman>answered the door, and the man asked what kind of a place this was.> “This is a brothel”, replied the madam.> “Well, what\’s all this out on the lawn?” queried the man.\ “Oh, we\’re having a yard sale today.” ********************\

> A man came home from work one day to find his wife on the front porch\with her bags packed.> \’Just where the heck do you think you\’re going!\’, said the man.> \’I\’m going to Las Vegas\’, said the wife, \’I just found out I can get $400 a night for what I give you for free!\ \’The man said, \’Wait a minute!\’, and then ran inside the house only to come back a few minutes later with his suitcases in hand.\ \’Where the heck are you going?\’, said the wife.\> The man said, \’I want to see how you\’re gonna live on $800 a year!



One Response to “Damn the Japonese”

  1. eduardo waghorn Says:

    Your daughter made your home “softer”?:)
    How old is she?
    Greetings from Chile, nice poem:)

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