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Reasons To Live. Julho 15, 2007

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The Twins Who Share A Body(Abby and Brittany)

Dear friends,
Conjoined twins are twins whose bodies are joined together at birth. This happens where the zygote of identical twins fails to completely separate. Conjoined twins occur in an estimated one in 200,000 births, with approximately half being stillborn. The overall survival rate for conjoined twins is between 5% and 25%. Conjoined twins are more likely to be female (70-75%).
(That picture of Abigail and Brittany was taken in year 2005 when they were 16yrs old.)

Saudi Arabia is known for its remarkable success rate in conjoined twin separation surgeries. Since 1990, the medical teams at the King Abdul Aziz Medical City in Riyadh have been responsible for at least 9 separations, with a 100% success rate. All surgeries were successful and the twins survived long after surgery, except for one case in which one of the twins had congenital heart disease and died 6 months later. Nationalities of separated twins include Polish, Filipino and Egyptian.

You must be wandering why am I writing about this amazing conjoined twins from the US.Perhaps not to much that I want to explain about this as you can get the information in details from wikipedia and all over the media and internet.

These bright and happy girls is simply amazing, despite their abnormality, they cope well, even if perhaps everyday is a struggle.The story of Abigail and Brittany serve as inspiration and they must have touched the lives of many.It really makes you think how life will be for them as they grow into adults..

A lot of their hardship {the twins } probably comes from social interactions with others. These girls are human but they are different and don’t look like other people and lets face it, society is afraid of what is different…to some anyway. I’m sure they run into some people who fear them and probably say some crazy things.But these young ladies have a wonderful positive attitude and have adapted well to live an incredibly normal life. Check this out.Abigail and Brittany’s Videos.

How can you not respect them for coping and dealing with the cards they were dealt?
Moral of the story:Be happy and grateful for what you have especially of being healthy surrounded with family and love all around you..Be satisfied and stop complaining for simple little thing.Remember that life could have been a lot harder.
Do you realized that there is so much that we take for granted?

Noushy Syah,UK.
Credits:wikipedia, channel5.


10 Responses to “Reasons To Live.”

  1. Sharm Says:

    OMG ..
    we should thank GOD every day for every Blessing he gave to us ..
    and we should learn from them how great you will be if you challenge your problems and cross the barriers in your life ..

    thank you noushy ,I like this kind of topics very mush

    Ahmed , Egypt

  2. Arthur Says:

    Maybe this can be considered as a miracle, if they have a perfectly normal life. So all we must learn about this and try to be happy, but keeping GOD in mind.

    And a white tomorrow will come to us.

    Big greetings and big hugs.

    Sweet Dreams, for the bottomo of my Heart:

  3. Gusthav Says:

    That’s beautiful, 2 young ladies making a perfectly normal life. Too bad many people are afraid of them. But reading abuot them made me think about the daily complainings (did I write it right?) while there people dying or suffering ‘cause the war, or anything harmful thing.

    So all we should be thankful with GOD for all we have.

    Greetings and hugs.

    Nice Day, with my whole soul:

  4. islam Says:

    there is so much that we take for granted ?

    yes, you say the truth, there is alot and many things that we have as a grant, and because of that we sometimes, perhaps the most of times we couldn’t see others’ suffering, and we forget to say thanks to allah.

    and for they, i think they are strugglers to treat with others neglecting with patience.

    thanks for your reminder
    be in safe

  5. Noushy Syah Says:

    Growing up like this for over 16 years, needs a lot of cooperation and teamwork…as each one of them controls their side of the body.

    Now, imagine if we living in this world have that team spirit be united and helping one another!!!

    That’s the lesson to be learnt.

    @Sharm–>Indeed,no pain no gain.
    People have more challenges in life to deal with and amazing that this gurls still manage and cope with grace and dignity.

    @Arthur–>Yeap, always be positive in life.That grass is not always green on the other side..

    Another reasons for us be grateful and thankful to God for our lives.
    Greetings to you too with all the best.

    @Gusthav–>You know, people have different perceptives, and being afraid to them is to some only while others are different but I personally think they are amazing in their own way…

    You’re right!Thanks AL-Mighty for what we are and what we have and not to forget for being sympathize and offer helps to those in needs…materially if affordable and spiritually..

    @Islam–>There’s a saying “If you are looking up at the sky, do not forget the grass where you are standing….”

    That will reminds us of how lucky we are of our lives,and keeping God in mind, always.

    Have you ever wonder how they cope in adulthood at the later stage?It’s mind boggling how they manage…

    All the best…
    Noushy Syah, UK

  6. Sharm Says:

    noushy doesn`t post just a good topic but also a wonderful comment !

    you are a great blogger noushy ..

    Kisses ..

  7. david santos Says:

    Noushy Syah, I frankly am gotten passionate by this text, congratulations. We, who we pass the life to lament us of small things, things of small account, had to look at more for these examples. Very well, my beloved friend, Noushy Syah, very well. Congratulations.

  8. Noushy Syah Says:

    @ Sharm–>Sharing is caring and knowledge grows when shared.

    It just my 10p…

    @David Santos–>TQ..hope we could learn from each other while enhancing our writing and knowledge.


  9. micheal Says:

    glad tht I heard they r seperated now..God bless them

  10. Senén Says:

    Casi no lo creo, pero me rindo ante el video. Aplicando la logica, este experimento de la naturaleza no debería haber sobrevivido, pero ya ven… Dios es grande (Dígalo en cualquier idioma y en cualquier religión)

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