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ELA, JÁ ESTÁ NA FORJA! Julho 11, 2007

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Os países europeus que apoiaram a invasão terrorista ao Iraque, hoje estão num beco sem saída. Primeiro, não conseguiram manter a mentira, de que no Iraque havia armas nucleares.
Segundo, para se manterem a colonizar o povo iraquiano, inventaram uma guerra sectária que, em grande parte, não passa de uma estratégia do terrorismo norte-americano para se manter a colonizar aquele País. Pois os esquadrões da morte, pagos pelo terrorismo norte-americano, são uma cópia fiel do que se passou com a fuga dos norte-americanos de Saigão. Embora admita que haja iraquianos contra iraquianos, a sua grande maioria é controlada e paga pelo terrorismo norte-americano.
Em terceiro lugar, o invasor criminoso, estes dados, de fonte americana, já estão a construir 14 bases para dominarem o petróleo, propriedade do povo iraquiano, para roubar, portanto.
Qual é o papel da Europa que obedeceu e ajudou o terrorismo norte-americano a assassinar o povo nobre e patriota do Iraque?
A verdade é que o terrorismo norte-americano não pode viver sem guerra. A sua economia assenta no armamento bélico. Não é por acaso que o sistema antimíssil na Polónia já está marchando. Por isso, os lacaios europeus podem ter a certeza que o terrorismo norte-americano já tem a sua próxima vítima na forja.
O povo europeu que esteja atento e que se ponha a caminho antes que os lacaios do terrorismo norte-americano, os volte a colocar em outra guerra cobarde e assassina.
Ela já está na forja.

By David Santos , Portugal

English translation

The European countries that had supported the terrorist invasion to Iraq, today are in a dead-end. First, they had not obtained to keep the lie, of that in Iraq it had nuclear weapons. Second, to remain itself to colonize the Iranian people, they had invented a sectarian war that, to a large extent, does not pass of a strategy of the North American terrorism to remain itself to colonize that Country. Therefore the death squads, paid for the North American terrorism, are an examined copy of what it was transferred with the escape of the North Americans of Saigon. Although it admits that it has Iraqis against Iraqis, its great majority is controlled and paid for the North American terrorism. In third place, the criminal invader, these data, of American source, already is to construct 14 bases to dominate the oil, property of the Iranian people, to steal, therefore. Which is the paper of the Europe that it obeyed and it helped the North American terrorism to assassinate the noble and patriotic people of Iraq? The truth is that the North American terrorism cannot live without war. Its economy seats in the warlike armament. It is not by chance that the anti-missile system in the Polónia already is marching. Therefore, the European flunkies can have the certainty that the North American terrorism already has its next victim in forges. The European people who is intent and that if he puts the way before the flunkies of the North American terrorism, he comes back them to place in another war cobarde and assassin. It already is in forges.

By Ahmed Yhaia , Egypt


15 Responses to “ELA, JÁ ESTÁ NA FORJA!”

  1. A moonclad reflection Says:

    Las naciones invasoras siempre utilizaron esos pretextos para invadir..ya lo hizo Usa con Cuba cuando estaba en guerra con España por esta…las torres gemelas y lo de Irak..pero no es algo nuevo..Ud los portugueses ya lo hicieron durante siglos en su epoca colonizadora al igual q los sanguinarios españoles…pasa q ahora lo veran con otros ojos…esto no es un reclamo…solo q no me sorprende tanto pq la violencia es patrimonio de los mas fuertes…de los imperios…los debiles siempre pagaran las consecuencias de estas acciones…a mi pais algun dia le tocara lo mismo…somos unos de los paises mas rico en agua dulce del mundo…y eso sera oro algun dia…y ya encontraran algun pretxto para querer invadirnos..ya sabemos de repeler invasiones…ya sena britanocas, españolas, portuguesas o alienigenas…aca nadie se rinde…muy buen post amigo,David…saludos
    A moonclad reflection
    Montevideo – Uruguay

  2. Sharm Says:

    لقد لعب الامريكيين دورهم بذكاء بالغ عندما حولوا الحرب بينهم و بين العراقيين الى حرب بين العراقيين و بعضهم البعض و اعتقد انهم سيستمرون في زراعة الدسائس الى ان تقوم الحرب بين ايران و الدول العربية المناهضة للشيعة مثل المملكة العربية السعودية

    War is changed now ! it is not between US and Iraq , it is between Iraqi and each others , Iran will help shia Iraqi and Arab will help Sunna Iraqi and Iraq will be a war land between Iran and Arab

    Ahmed Yahia – Egypt

  3. micheal Says:

    the iraqi war the worst decision in the new century till now…Saddam regime was tyrant abut not , the situation is worse in Iraq and the whole middle east region
    u can all c hpow terrorism is spreading all over the world

  4. david santos Says:

    Amhed Yahia, is truth that the American terrorism wants to war between the Iraqian brothers and the Arab peoples, but if the iraqis and to other peoples will be intelligent, of not fall in the American terrorist strategy.

    David Santos

    Amhed Yahia, é verdade que o terrorismo americano quer guerra entre os irmãos iraquianos e todo o povo Árabe, mas se os iraquianos e os povos Árabes forem inteligentes, o terrorismo americano não pode pôr a sua estratégia em marcha.

    David Santos

    July 11, 2007 11:47 AM

  5. islam Says:

    يعد الدافع الإقتصادى وحده المحرك الأول وراء جميع الحروب الأمريكية ، حيث تسعى وراء السيطرة على جميع منابع البترول فى العالم
    وفى خضم ذلك ، يعد الجهاز الإعلامى الذى تملكه الولايات المتحدة ، هو السلاح الأسوأ والأخط .. والأكثر نجاحا ، والذى يتيح لها بسهولة أن تخدع العالم أجمع إضافة إلى شعبها
    لذا أعتقد أنه لمواجهة الظلم والجور من جانب الولايات المتحدة علينا أن نملك نفس السلاح

    Its economy the only motivator to all the USA’s wars, its seeking dominate all the oil’s sources.
    the worst, dangrous, and successful weapon that the USA has, is the information system that it has, its make it easy for her to cheat the whole world beside its people,
    i think to face USA’s injustice, we had to have the same weapon

    Islam, Egypt

  6. Arthur & Gusthav Says:

    Acá nosotros decimos que ya no importa quién inició, sino quién acabe con eso. Y tampoco dudamos en que algún día nos toque a nosotros, si nos toca entonces también nos vamos a defender. Mirá que nosotros somos pacifistas, pero cuando nos enfadamos, entonces no paramos hasta lograr lo que queremos, que en este caso es defendernos, y lograr paz mundial.

    Saludazos y abrazazos

    Arthur y Gusthav desde Argentina

  7. yasmina Says:

    ان الحرب الامريكية على العراق كان دافعها الاساسي هو التعتيم على القضايا العالقة في الشرق الاوسط وخاصة قضية فلسطين بذلك فان كل العالم اتجهت انظاره الى العراق وترك الفلسطينيون يصارعون الاحتلال ثم الهدف الثاني هو اقتصادي بحت وذلك لاهمية النفط الموجود في الخليج

    the purpose of the war was to let the world forget about palestine and to leave israel do what ever with the ecupation and second its economical choice to get the oil sources in eraq

  8. david santos Says:

    Islam, I am in agreement with you, the humiliated peoples and assassinated for the North American terrorism he has that to fight with the same weapons. Therefore, that it is defended of the North American terrorism, it is not terrorist. It is patriotic. Who gives the life for its Nation, only has a name: it is patriotic.

    Islam, eu estou de acordo contigo, os povos humilhados e assassinados pelo terrorismo norte-americano tem que combater com as mesmas armas. Por isso, quem se defende do terrorismo norte-americano, não é terrorista. É patriota. Quem dá a vida pela sua Nação, só tem um nome: é patriota.

  9. ajit8 Says:

    Thankyou comrade. I only have english, but I am so glad I have been drawn to your blog. I will give it the attention it deserves.

    Dons Nobis Pacem

  10. Jen Says:

    Sharm, I agree with your comment about Iraqis turning against each other. I take issue with the poster’s claim that the US intends to colonize Iran. The Iraq war was a stupid decision based on unfounded intelligence. Iraq was not a perfect country before my country invaded, and it certainly is the worse for wear now. US policy makers had no understanding of the people they are now fighting with, and it’s brought a lot of grief.

    I honestly didn’t sign up for this blog to get involved in a political flamewar. I thought it was going to be about general topics and how we all relate to them. If that’s not the case, I think I’d like to be removed from the list as a contributor. It’s just not what I signed up for.


  11. Noushy Syah Says:

    From my 10p,
    I think the idea of making this blog as world united bloggers-is great but the first entry of the blog is already involved a political flamewar which don’t you think is way out of the intention?

  12. Bassam Badri Says:

    لقد جاء الأمريكان بالفعل بحجة امتلاك العراق لأسلحة الدمار الشامل .. وبحجة تعامل النظام العراقي مع الإرهاب العالمي المتمثل في أسامة بن لادن .. وبدفع من اللوبي الهيوني .. وعلى حساب دافع الضرائب الأمريكي .. وأرواح عشرات الآلاف من الأمريكان الذين قضوا في هذه الحرب ..

    ولقد دفع الشعب العراقي الثمن باهظاً من أرواح أبنائه وثرواته ووحدته الجغرافية والديموجرافية ..

    ومازال الأمريكان والصهيونية يشعلون نار الفتنة ليستمر الاقتتال بين طوائف الشعب العراقي .. ويبدو أن هناك صفقة في الأفق بين الأمريكان والإيرانيين .. بنودها أرض العراق والثروة العراقية والمفاعلات النووية الإيرانية ومناطق النفوذ في الخليج العربي ..

    إنهم يخططون .. ونحن نتفرج ..

    بسام البدري

  13. Sharm Says:


    Anyone can post about anything ..
    don`t you think that the political matters make the largest quantity of the hate in our hearts ?!!

    we must solve it by talking in it !

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