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CAN – EGYPT 2006 and the winner is… EGYPT Fevereiro 10, 2006

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(4-2 penalties)

Egypt has won the African Cup of Nations for the 5th time in its history
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Referee: Mourad Daami (TUN)

Egypt : 1 Essam El Hadary , 3 Mohammed Abdel Wahab, 4 Ibrahim Said 5 Abdel Zaher El Sakka 11 Mohamed Shawki 12 Mohammed Barakat 19 Amr Zaki 17 Ahmed Hasan 22 Mohamed Abo Treka 20 Wael Gomaa 10 Emad Motaeb

Cote d’Ivoire : 1 Jean – Jacques Tizie 3 Arthur Boka 4 Abib Kolo Toure 5 Didier Zokora 2 Kanga Akale 7 Emerse Fae 11 Didier Drogba 6 Blaise Kouassi 19 Gnegneri Toure 21 Emanuel Eboue 9 Arouna Kone

Cauctions: Akale (CIV – 3′), Kouassi (CIV – 44′), Eboue (CIV – 54′), Hasan (EGY – 57′), Sakka (EGY – 76′), Tizie (CIV – 120′)

Egypt were awarded a controversial penalty in the eighth minute of injury time for a trip on Mohamed Baraket but Hassan, who had converted penalties in each of their last two games, saw his effort tipped on to the post by Tizie.
However Egypt have won after penalty shootout : Drogba who has given the victory over Cameroon scoring the decisive penalty and also scored the goal of the victory in semi-finals failed the Elephants’ first penalty.
Ahmed Hasan, was elected the best player of the tournment and El Hadary elected the best goal-keeper.


YO, CRIMINAL… – Mariblanca Aloma

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Brillaron sus ojos con negros fulgores,
fulgores extraños de herido león;
terrible, en sus labios, sus labios traidores,
vagó una sonrisa de dura agresión.

“Escucha –me dijo–: Errando en la selva,
perdido de celo, matarle juré…
Le vi en la espesura… No esperes que vuelva
tu Amado… ¡No esperes…! ¡Que yo lo maté!”

Febril, indignada, me erguí; lancé un grito;
sentí ante mis plantas abrirse el maldito
abismo insondable de un sino fatal…

¡Y entonces, cediendo a fatídico impulso,
alcé enloquecida mi brazo convulso,
y en medio del pecho le hundí mi puñal…!

Mariblanca Sabas Aloma ( n. Santiago de Cuba 10 Feb 1901;~)


On this day in History – Feb. 10

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