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A História muito nos ensina … e o mundo repete-se! Novembro 21, 2005

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Um pequeno e moderno conto de fadas

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Era uma vez um rapaz que pediu a uma rapariga: “Casas comigo?”

A rapariga disse: “NÃO”

E o rapaz viveu feliz para sempre: foi à pesca, à caça, ao futebol, andou de moto aos fins semana, ski no Inverno, saiu à noite e bebeu cerveja sempre que quis.


Soneto I de Sob Outros Céus – Raul de Leoni

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Eu vim ao mundo para ter saudade…
Ter saudade é sentir a natureza
Sob a etérea e inefável claridade
Do crepúsculo errante da tristeza.

Um vago enlevo espiritual invade
Minha imaginação que, de surpresa,
Céus distantes, memórias de outra idade
Revive, então, num sonho de pureza.

Sinto que essa emoção indefinida,
Povoando de visões meus pensamentos,
Provém da eterna comunhão da vida

É a alma das cousas que se evola, em calma,
Da vida conjugal dos elementos
E se reflete dentro de minha alma.

Soneto I de Sob Outros Céus
Raul de Leoni Ramos (n. Petrópolis, 30 Out 1895; m. Itaipava, 21 Nov 1926)

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On this day in History – Nov. 21

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0235 – Anterus is elected Pope.
0496 – Pope Gelasius I dies
1272 – Following Henry III of England‘s death on November 16, his son Prince Edward becomes King of England.
1361 – Philip I, Duke of Burgundy dies (b. 1346)
1495 – John Bale was born (d. 1563). Bishop of Ossory, antiquarian, dramatist.
1535 – O Governador Nuno da Cunha coloca a pedra de fundação da fortaleza de Diu.
1555 – Georg Agricola dies (b. 24 Mar 1494). German scholar and scientist known as “the father of mineralogy.”
1566 – Annibale Caro dies (b. 1507). Italian poet.
1567 – Anne de Xainctonge was born (d. 1621). French saint.
1579 – Thomas Gresham dies. English merchant and financier
1620 – 41 male passengers on the Mayflower, prior to landing at Plymouth, Massachusetts, signed the Mayflower Compact, by which they agreed to abide by the laws of the new government they would establish.
1643 – Rene Robert was born. Cavalier de la Salle.
1652 – Jan Brożek dies (b. 1585). Polish mathematician, physician, and astronomer.
1692 – Carlo Innocenzio Maria Frugoni was born (d. 1768). Italian poet.
1694 – Voltaire was born (d. 1778). French philosopher.
1695 – Henry Purcell dies. English composer, a master of religious and instrumental music (Nymphs and Shepherds)
1709 – António Marques Lésbio dies (b. 1639). Portuguese composer.
1717 – Jean-Baptiste Santerre dies. French painter.
1761 – Dorothy Jordan was born (d. 1816). British actress and royal mistress.
1768 – Friedrich Daniel Ernst Schleiermacher was born (d. 1834). German theologian and philosopher.
1775 – John Hill dies. English writer
1783 – In Paris, Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier and François Laurent, marquis d’Arlandes, make the first untethered hot air balloon flight (flight time: 25 minutes, Maximum height: 100m, distance: 9 km).
1787 – Samuel Cunard was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (d. 1865). Canadian-born shipping magnate
1789 – North Carolina ratifies the United States Constitution and is admitted as the 12th U.S. state.
1791 – Colonel Napoléon Bonaparte is promoted to full general and appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Armies of the French Republic.
1806 – The Continental System, a blockade designed to close the entire European continent to British trade, was proclaimed when Napoleon issued the Berlin Decree.
1811 – Heinrich von Kleist dies – suicide (b. 1777). German writer. He wrote immortal pieces of literature, such as “Prinz Friedrich von Homburg”
1819 – Antonio Leal Moreira dies (b. 1758). Portuguese composer (A vingança da cigana).
1831 – Michael Faraday presented his paper on “Experimental Research into Electricity” to the Royal Society.
1835 – Hetty Green was born (d. 1916). American businesswoman.
1843 – Thomas Hancock patented the vulcanization of rubber in England.
1844 – Ivan Krylov dies (b. 1769). Russian fabulist.
1846 – The word anesthesia was coined by Oliver Wendell Holmes in a letter to William Thomas Green Morton, the surgeon who gave the first public demonstration of the pain-killing effects of ether.
1849 – Johan August Brinell was born (d. 17 Nov 1925). Swedish metallurgist who devised the Brinell hardness test, a rapid, nondestructive means of determining the hardness of metals
1854 – Pope Benedict XV was born (d. 1922)
1857 – Manuel Estrada Cabrera was born. President of Guatemala (1898-1920).
1857 – Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro was born in Almada (d. 6 Nov 1929). Portuguese painter.
1860 – Tom Horn was born (d. 1903). American hitman.
1861 – American Civil War: Confederate President Jefferson Davis appoints Judah Benjamin secretary of war.
1867 – Vladimir Nikolayevich Ipatieff was born (d. 29 Nov 1952). Russian-born U.S. chemist who was one of the first to investigate high-pressure catalytic reactions of hydrocarbons and who developed a process for manufacturing high-octane gasoline
1870 – Sigfrid Edström was born. Swedish sports official.
1876 – Duque de Saldanha dies (b. 1790). Portuguese politician.
1877 – Thomas Edison announces his invention of the phonograph, a machine that can record sound (this is considered to be Edison’s first great invention).
1878 – Lord Lytton, the viceroy of India, launched the Second Afghan War.
1878 – Gustav Radbruch was born (d. 1949). German law professor.
1879 – Raúl Lino was born. Portuguese architect.
1881 – Francisco Calvo Burillo was born (d. 1936). Spanish saint.
1891 – Alfred Henry Sturtevant was born (d. 5 Apr 1970). American geneticist who in 1913 developed a technique for mapping the location of specific genes of the chromosomes in the fruit fly Drosophila
1898 – René Magritte was born (d. 1967). Belgian painter.
1899 – Garret Hobart dies (b. 1844). Vice President of the United States
1899 – Bernardo Loureiro Marques was born. Portuguese designer and painter.
1902 – Foster Hewitt was born (d. 1985). Canadian radio pioneer.
1902 – Isaac Bashevis Singer was born (d. 1991). Polish writer.
1904 – Coleman Hawkins was born (d. 1969). American saxophonist.
1912 – Eleanor Powell was born (d. 1983). American actress and dancer.
1913 – Roy Boulting was born (d. 2001). English film director and producer.
1916 – Sid Luckman was born (d. 1998). American football player.
1916 – Emperor Franz Josef I of Austria dies (b. 1830) .Son of Archduke Franz Karl and Princess Sophie of Bavaria.
1918 – The Estonian Flag is adopted
1920 – Bloody Sunday in Ireland. Irish Republican Army killed 11 Englishmen suspected of being intelligence agents, and the Black and Tans took revenge the same afternoon, attacking spectators and players at a Gaelic football match in Croke Park, Dublin, killing 12 and wounding 60.
1920 – Stan Musial was born. Baseball player
1921 – Joonas Kokkonen was born (d. 1996). Finnish composer.
1922 – Rebecca Latimer Felton of Georgia takes the oath of office, becoming the first woman United States Senator.
1926 – Raul de Leoni dies in Itaipava (b. 30 Oct. 1895). Brazilian poet / “seus versos são dos mais melodiosos da língua portuguesa e possuem um misto de simbolismo e de modernidade, vasados contudo dentro da técnica parnasiana” (in Antologia Portuguesa e Brasileira -Evaristo Pontes dos Santos -Porto 1974)
1927 – Columbine Mine Massacre: 500 striking coal miners, some with their families, were attacked with machine guns by a detachment of state police dressed in civilian clothes
1931 – Malcolm Williamson was born (d. 2003). Australian composer.
1933 – Joseph Campanella was born. American actor.
1934 – Coelho Neto dies (b. 1864). Brazilian poet.
1934 – MCC makes an ultimately controversial decision to alter the lbw rule so a batsman can be lbw to a ball pitching outside off stump. The change is later blamed for many problems developing during the 1950s – primarily negative bowling outside leg stump to a field of short-leg fieldsmen.
1936 – Victor Chang was born. Australian physician.
1938 – Marlo Thomas was born in Deerfield, Michigan,a suburb of Detroit. American actress.
1939 – Mulayam Singh Yadav was born. Indian politician.
1940 – Dr. John (Malcolm Rebbenack) was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. American musician (Right place but the wrong time)
1940 – Richard Marcinko was born. U.S. Navy SEAL team member and author
1940 – Natalia Makarova was born in Leningrad. Russian dancer, ballet star. She was awarded the Laurence Olivier Theatre Award in 1985 (1984 season) for Best Actress in a Musical for On Your Toes that gave her also a Tony Award.
1941 – Juliet Mills was born. British actress
1941 – The radio program King Biscuit Time is broadcast for the first time (it would later become the longest running daily radio broadcast in history and the most famous live blues radio program).
1942 – The completion of the Alaska Highway (also known as the Alcan Highway) is celebrated (the highway was not usable by general vehicles until 1943, however).
1943 – Jacques Laffite was born in Paris. French racing driver
1944 – Dick Durbin was born. American politician
1944 – Earl Monroe was born. American basketball player
1944 – Harold Ramis was born. American actor, comedian, screenwriter, director, and producer
1945 – Goldie Hawn was born in Washington, D.C. . American actress and producer; films include Private Benjamin , There’s a Girl in my Soup (1970) and The First Wives Club (1996).
1945 – Guatemala is admited as ONU member
1945 – Robert Benchley dies (b. 1889). American writer and actor.
1945 – Margarida Adelina Abranches dies in Lisbon (b. 15 Aug 1866). Portuguese actress [ Rosa do Adro (1938), Lisboa (1930), Maria do Mar (1930)]
1947 – Alcione was born in São Luís, MA. Brazilian singer and composer.
1948 – Lonnie Jordan was born in San Diego, California. Musician (War)
1949 – João Ricardo was born. Brazilian composer and creator of the musical group Secos & Molhados
1950 – Alberto Juantorena was born. Cuban athlete
1952 – Lorna Luft was born in Santa Monica, California. American entertainer and actress.
1953 – Authorities at the British Natural History Museum announce that the skull of the “Piltdown Man“, held to be one of the most famous fossil skulls in the world, was a hoax.
1953 – Larry Shields dies (b. 1893). American jazz clarinetist.
1957 – Francis Burton Harrison dies (b. 1873). American political figure.
1959 – Max Baer dies (b. 1909). American boxer.
1962 – The Chinese People’s Liberation Army declared a unilateral cease-fire in the Sino-Indian War.
1962 – Steven Curtis Chapman was born. American singer
1963 – Robert (Franklin) Stroud dies (b. 1890). American criminal, known as the Birdman of Alcatraz, a convicted murderer who became a self-taught ornithologist during his 54 years in prison, 42 of them in solitary confinement (Stroud’s Digest on the Diseases of Birds).
1963 – Nicolette Sheridan was born. British actress
1964 – The Verrazano Narrows Bridge opens to traffic (at the time it was the world’s longest suspension bridge).
1964 – Second Vatican Council: The third period of the Roman Catholic Church‘s ecumenical council closes.
1964 – The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, spanning New York Harbor from Brooklyn to Staten Island, opened to traffic.
1965 – Björk was born. Icelandic singer, songwriter, and actress. She was a member of the Sugarcubes, an Icelandic pop group.
1965 – Alexander Siddig was born. British actor
1966 – Troy Aikman was born. American football star
1967 – Vietnam War: American General William Westmoreland tells news reporters: “I am absolutely certain that whereas in 1965 the enemy was winning, today he is certainly losing.”
1969 – The first ARPANET link is established.
1969 – US President Richard Nixon and Japanese Premier Eisaku Sato agree in Washington, DC on the return of Okinawa to Japanese control in 1972. Under terms of the agreement, the US is to retain its rights to bases on the island, but these are to be nuclear-free.
1969 – Ken Griffey, Jr. was born. Baseball player
1970 – Vietnam War: Operation Ivory Coast – A joint Air Force and Army team raids the Son Tay prison camp in an attempt to free American POWs thought to be held there (there were zero Americans killed, but the prisoners had already moved to another camp; All US POWs were moved to a handful of central prison complexes as a result of this raid).
1970 – Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman dies (b. 1888). Indian physicist, Nobel Prize for Physics laureate in 1930 for the 1928 discovery now called Raman scattering: a change in frequency observed when light is scattered in a transparent material.
1971 – Michael Strahan was born. American football player
1973 – Brooke Kerr was born. American actress
1973 – Inés Sastre was born in Valladolid, Castilla y León. Spanish actress and model.
1974 – The Birmingham Pub Bombings by the IRA killed 21 people. The Birmingham Six were sentenced to life in prison for this and subsequently acquitted.
1974 – George W. Bush is discharged from the US Air Force Reserve.
1974 – John B. Gambling dies (b. 1897). American radio talk show host.
1974 – Frank Martin dies (b. 1890). Swiss composer.
1977 – Jonas Jennings was born. American football player
1979 – The United States Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan is attacked by a mob and set afire, killing four. (see: Foreign relations of Pakistan)
1980 – A deadly fire breaks out at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada (now Bally’s Las Vegas). 87 people are killed and more than 650 are injured in the worst disaster in Nevada history.
1980 –Lake Peigneur drained into an underlying salt deposit. A misplaced Texaco oil probe drilled into the Diamond crystal salt mine; water flowing down into the mine eroded the edges of the hole. The whirlpool created sucked the drilling platform, several barges, houses and trees thousands of feet, to the bottom of the dissolving salt deposit.
1980 – Hank Blalock was born. Baseball player
1984 – Jena Malone was born. American actress
1985 – United States Navy intelligence analyst Jonathan Jay Pollard is arrested for spying (he was caught giving Israel classified information on Arab nations and was eventually sentenced to life in prison).
1986 – Iran-Contra Affair: National Security Council member Oliver North and his secretary start to shred documents implicating them in the sale of weapons to Iran and channeling the proceeds to help fund the Conras rebels in Nicaragua.
1986 – Lançamento do primeiro romance do escritor português David Mourão-Ferreira, intitulado Um Amor Feliz.
1988 – Jamie Mahoney was born. American rapper and actor.
1988 – Carl Hubbell dies (b. 1903). Baseball player.
1989 – Britain’s parliamentary proceedings were first televised.
1993 – Bill Bixby dies (b. 1934). American actor and director.
1994 – Telly Savalas dies (b.1924). Greek-American, film and television actor, best known as Kojak the detective in the television series of the same name.
1995 – Balkan leaders agree to peace The United States brokers a peace settlement for Bosnia Herzegovina in Dayton, to be enforced by 60,000 Nato troops / Na cimeira de Dayton, os presidentes da Bósnia, Croácia e Sérvia assinam um acordo e paz para a ex-Jugoslávia que será garantido por 60 000 soldados da NATO.
1995 – Noel Jones dies (b. 1940). British diplomat.
1995 – Toy Story is released as the first feature-length film created completely using computer-generated imagery.
1995 – The Dow Jones Industrial Average closes above 5,000 (5,023.55) for the first time.
1996 – Abdus Salam dies (b. 1926). Pakistani physicist, Nobel Prize laureate.
1999 – Quentin Crisp dies (b. 1908). English writer, satirist, and actor.
2000 – The United Farm Workers called off the boycott of California table grapes begun in 1984 by union organizer Cesar Chavez, saying the goals of the strike had been met.
2002 – NATO invites Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia to become members.
2002 – Hadda Brooks dies (b. 1916). American jazz singer, pianist, and composer.
2004 – The Nintendo DS is released in North America.
2004 – The second round of the Ukrainian presidential election is held, unleashing massive protests and controversy with regards to the election’s integrity.
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