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On this day in History – Nov. 14 Novembro 14, 2005

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0565 – Justinian the Great dies (b. 0483). Byzantine Emperor
1226 – Frederick of Isenberg dies executed (b. 1193). German politician.
1263 – Alexander Nevsky dies. Grand Prince of Novgorod and Vladimir
1359 – Gregory Palamas dies (b. 1296). Archbishop of Thessalonica
1501 – Henrique VIII de Inglaterra contrai matrimónio com Catalina de Aragão, filha dos Reis Católicos.
1522 – Giovanni della Casa dies (b. 1504). Italian poet
1567 – Maurice of Nassau was born (d. 1625). Prince of Orange
1633 – William Ames dies (b. 1576). English philosopher.
1650 – William III was born (d. 1702). King of England
1687 – Nell Gwynne dies (b. 1650). English mistress of Charles II of England
1691 – Tosa Mitsuoki dies (b. 1617). Japanese painter.
1716 – Gottfried Leibniz dies (b. 1646). German philosopher and mathematician.
1719 – Leopold Mozart was born (d. 1787). Austrian composer.
1734 – Louise de Kérouaille dies (b. 1649). Duchess of Portsmouth, French-born mistress of Charles II of England
1746 – Georg Steller dies (b. 1709). German naturalist .
1765 – Robert Fulton was born (d. 1815). American inventor.
1771 – Marie François Xavier Bichat was born (d. 1802). French anatomist and physiologist.
1776 – Henri Dutrochet was born (d. 1847). French physiologist.
1779 – Adam Gottlob Oehlenschläger was born (d. 1850). Danish poet
1797 – Charles Lyell was born (d. 1875). British geologist.
1803 – Jacob Abbott was born (d. 1879). American writer
1805 – Fanny Mendelssohn was born (d. 1847). German composer and pianist
1812 – Aleardo Aleardi was born (d. 1878). Italian poet.
1825 – Jean Paul dies (b. 1763). German writer.
1826 – António Pedro Lopes de Mendonça was born (d. 1865). Portuguese romantic writer.
1828 – James B. McPherson was born (d. 1864). American Civil War general
1829 – Louis Nicolas Vauquelin dies (b. 1763). French pharmacist and chemist
1831 – Georg Hegel dies (b. 1770). German philosopher.
1832 – Charles Carroll of Carrollton dies (b. 1732). Signer of the American Declaration of Independence and U.S. Senator
1838 – August Senoa was born (b. 1881). Croatian writer.
1839 – Júlio Dinis was born in Oporto (d. 1871). Portuguese writer [As Pupilas do senhor Reitor (1867), Uma Família Inglesa e A Morgadinha dos Canaviais (1868) e Os Fidalgos da Casa Mourisca (1871)].
1840 – Claude Monet was born (d. 1926). French painter.
1844 – John Abercrombie dies (b. 1780). British physician
1851 – Herman Melville‘s novel Moby-Dick is published in the U.S. by Harper & Brothers, New York – after it was first published on October 18, 1851 by Richard Bentley, London.
1862 – American Civil War: President Abraham Lincoln approves General Ambrose Burnside‘s plan to capture the Confederate capital at Richmond, Virginia, leading to the Battle of Fredericksburg.
1866 – Miguel I , King of Portugal, dies (b. 1802).
1878 – Leopold Staff was born (d. 1957). Polish poet.
1883 – Fred Quimby was born (d. 1965). American film producer
1889 – Jawaharlal Nehru was born (d. 1964). Prime Minister of India
1889 – Pioneer woman journalist Nellie Bly (Elizabeth Cochrane) begins a successful attempt to travel around the world in less than 80 days.
1891 – Frederick Banting was born (d. 1941). Canadian physician, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
1896 – Mamie Eisenhower was born (d. 1979). First Lady of the United States
1900 – Aaron Copland was born (d. 1990). American composer.
1904 – Harold Larwood was born (d. 1995). English cricket bowler of the “Bodyline” series.
1904 – Dick Powell was born (d. 1963). American actor.
1905 – John Henry Barbee was born (d. 1964). American guitarist and singer.
1906 – Louise Brooks was born (d. 1985). American actress.
1907 – Howard W. Hunter was born (d. 1995). President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
1907 – Astrid Lindgren, Swedish writer (d. 2002)
1907 – William Steig was born (d. 2003). American cartoonist and children’s book author.
1907 – Andrew Inglis Clark dies (b. 1848). Australian politician.
1908 – The Guangxu Emperor of China dies (b. 1871)
1908- Joseph McCarthy was born (d. 1957). US Senator, known for his accusations of Communism within Government ranks (d. 1957)
1910 – Eric Malpass was born (d. 1996). English novelist.
1911 – Aviation pioneer Eugene Ely performs the first take-off from a ship in Hampton Roads, VA. He took off from a makeshift deck on the light cruiser USS Birmingham in a Curtiss pusher.
1912 – Barbara Hutton was born (d. 1979). American socialite.
1912 – T. Y. Lin was born (d. 2003). Chinese-American civil engineer.
1915 – Martha Tilton was born. American singer
1915 – Booker T. Washington dies (b. 1856). American inventor, educator, and author
1916 – Saki dies (b. 1870). British writer.
1916 – Paulo Guedes was born in Porto Alegre-RS. Brazilian musician and composer.
1916 – Roger Apéry was born (d. 1994). French mathematician.
1916 – Sherwood Schwartz was born. American television writer and producer.
1918 – Czechoslovakia becomes a republic with Thomas G. Masaryk as President
1919 – Veronica Lake was born (d. 1973). American actress.
1919 – Lisa Otto was born. German soprano
1921 – Brian Keith was born (d. 1997). American actor.
1921 – The Communist Party of Spain is founded.
1922 – Princess Isabel (Isabel Cristina Leopoldina Augusta) “A Redentora” dies in Paris. Brazilian princess, abolicionist.
1922 – The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) begins radio service in the United Kingdom.
1922 – Boutros Boutros-Ghali was born. Egyptian UN Secretary-General
1926 – Cleide Yaconis was born inPirassununga-SP. Brazilian actress.
1927 – Bart Cummings was born. Australian race horse trainer (eleven Melbourne Cup wins)
1929 – Jimmy Piersall was born. Baseball player
1929 – McLean Stevenson was born (d. 1996). American actor.
1929 – Fernando Torres was born. Brazilian actor.
1930 – Edward White was born (d. 1967). Astronaut
1935 – King Hussein of Jordan was born (d. 1999)
1939 – Wendy Carlos was born. American composer
1940 – World War II: In England, the city of Coventry is heavily bombed by German Luftwaffe bombers.
1941 – World War II: The aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal sinks due to torpedo damage from U 81 sustained on November 13.
1943 – Peter Norton was born. American software engineer and businessman
1943 – Rafael Leonardo Callejas Romero was born. Honduras politician and economist.
1944 – D. Alberto Allen Pereira de Sequeira Bramão dies in Lisbon (b. 1865). Portuguese poet and journalist.
1945 – Stella Obasanjo was born. Nigerian First Lady.
1945 – Bolívia is admitted as ONU member
1946 – Manuel de Falla dies (b. 1876). Spanish composer.
1946 – É atribuido ao suiço Hermann Hesse o Premio Nobel de Literatura.
1947 – P. J. O’Rourke was born. American writer
1948 – Charles, Prince of Wales was born.
1948 – James Young was born in Chicago. Musician (Styx).
1948 – Vera Gimenez was born in São Paulo. Brazilian actress.
1950 – Zhang Yimou was born. Chinese film director.
1951- Stephen Bishop was born. American musician
1952 – First UK chart published by the New Musical Express
1953 – Dominique de Villepin was born. French prime minister
1954 – Bernard Hinault was born. French cyclist
1954 – Condoleezza Rice was born. United States Secretary of State
1954 – Yanni was born. Greek musician.
1956 – Almir Sater was born in Campo Grande- MS. Brazilian composer and singer
1959 – Paul McGann was born. British actor
1964 – Bill Hemmer was born. American television news reporter
1965 – Vietnam War: Battle of the Ia Drang begins – the first major engagement between regular American and North Vietnamese forces.
1966 – Curt Schilling was born. Baseball player
1967 – Letitia Dean was born. British actress
1967 – Nina Gordon was born. American singer and songwriter
1969 – Apollo program: NASA launches Apollo 12, the second manned mission to the surface of the Moon.
1970 – UNESCO adopts the Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property. It would enter into force on 24 April 1972
1970 – Southern Airways DC-9 crashes in the mountains near Huntington, West Virginia, killing 75.
1971 – Mariner program: Mariner 9 reaches Mars, becoming the first spacecraft to orbit another planet.
1971 – His Holiness Shenouda III was concescrated as the 117th Patriarch of Alexandria and the See of St. Mark, the Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church.
1971 – Adam Gilchrist was born. Australian cricketer
1972 – Martin Pike was born. Australian footballer
1972 – The Dow Jones Industrial Average closes above 1,000 (1,003.16) for the first time.
1972 – Martin Dies, Jr. dies (b. 1900). American politician
1973 – In the United Kingdom, Princess Anne marries Captain Mark Phillips, in Westminster Abbey.
1973 – Lawyer Milloy was born. American football player
1973 – Dana Snyder was born. Voice actor
1974 – O senegalês Amadou Mahtar M’bow (b. 1921, ~) substitui René Maheu no cargo de director-geral da UNESCO.
1975 – Travis Barker was born. American drummer
1975 – Spain abandons Western Sahara.
1975 – Luizão (Luiz Carlos Goulart) was born. Brazilian football player
1976 – NR Indu was born. Indian Table Tennis player
1978 – Xavier Nady was born. Baseball player
1979 – Iran hostage crisis: US President Jimmy Carter issues Executive order12170, freezing all Iranian assets in the United States in response to the hostage crisis.
1979- A ONU adopta uma resolução em que reclama a retirada das tropas vietnamitas do Camboja.
1981 – Ibro Hasanovic was born. Bosnian conceptual artist and theoretician
1982 – Lech Wałęsa, the leader of Poland‘s outlawed Solidarity movement, is released after eleven months of internment near the Soviet border.
1982 – Um comando da ETA (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna) sequestra em Zumárraga (País Basco) o industrial Saturnino Orbegozo.
1983 – O poeta Rafael Alberti obtém o Premio Miguel de Cervantes de Literatura.
1990 – Germany modifies its Basic Law to recognise the Oder-Neisse line as the border between Germany and Poland.
1991 – American and British authorities announce indictments against two Libyan intelligence officials in connection with the downing of the Pan Am Flight 103.
1991 – Cambodian Prince Norodom Sihanouk returns to Phnom Penh after thirteen years of exile.
1991 – A fired United States Postal Service employee goes on a shooting rampage, killing four and wounding five, before committing suicide.
1993 – Michael Jackson enters a drug rehabilitation program to treat an addiction to painkillers.
1994 – Tom Villard dies (b. 1953). American actor.
1994 – Rafael Guillén logra el Premio Nacional español de Poesía por su obra Los estados inmortales.
1995 – A budget standoff between Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. Congress forces the federal government to temporarily close national parks and museums, and run most government offices with skeleton staffs.
1995 – Shimon Peres is elected prime-minister of Israel.
1997 – Eddie Arcaro dies (b. 1916). American jockey
1998 – Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra are married in Las Vegas, Nevada.
2000 – Netscape Navigator version 6.0 is launched following two years of open source development.
2000 – Robert Trout dies (b. 1908). American journalist
2001 – Attack on Afghanistan: Afghan Northern Alliance fighters takeover the capital Kabul.
2002 – Argentina defaults on an $805 million World Bank payment.
The US House of Representatives votes to not create an independent commission to investigate the September 11 attacks.
2003 – Planetoid 90377 Sedna is discovered.
2003 – Gene Anthony Ray dies (b. 1962). American actor
2003 – World chess champion Garry Kimovich Kasparov [b. 13 April 1963], with Black, loses against computer program X3D Fritz in the second game of a match, whose first game was a draw on 11 November 2003
2004 – Margaret Hassan dies (b. 1945). Irish-born aid worker
Cayman Islands – Remembrance Day
IndiaBirthday of Jawaharlal Nehru: Children’s day
Dia do Bandeirante (Brasil)

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