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On this day in History – Nov. 2 Novembro 1, 2005

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0655 – IX Concilio de Toledo.
0676 – Donus becomes Pope replacing Pope Adeodatus II
1082 – Emperor Huizong of China was born (d. 1135)
1327 – King James II of Aragon dies ( b. 1267)
1389 – Início do pontificado do Papa Bonifácio IX
1470 – Edward V was born. King of England.
1483 – Henry Stafford, 2nd Duke of Buckingham dies (b. 1454). English politician
1512 – D. Leonor de Bragança dies (b. c. 1480). Portuguese noble
1610 – Richard Bancroft dies (b. 1544). Archbishop of Canterbury
1618 – Archduke Maximilian III of Austria dies (b. 1568)
1636 – Edward Colston was born (d. 1721). English merchant and philanthropist.
1667 – James Sobieski was born (d. 1721). Crown Prince of Poland.
1692 – Unico Wilhelm van Wassenaer was born (d. 1766). Dutch composer.
1699 – Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin was born (d. 1779). French painter.
1716 – Engelbert Kaempfer dies (b. 1651). German physician and traveler
1721 – Pedro I foi proclamado Czar de Todas as Rússias.
1734 – Daniel Boone was born (d. 1820). American frontiersman.
1739 – Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf was born (d. 1799). Austrian composer.
1739 – Charles Jervas dies (b. c. 1675). Irish portraits painter
1741 – Joan van der Capellen tot den Pol was born (d. 1784). Dutch politician
1755 – Marie Antoinette was born (d. 1793). Queen of France
1766 – Joseph Radetzky von Radetz was born (d. 1858). Austrian field marshal
1772 – American Revolutionary War: Samuel Adams and Joseph Warren form the first Committee of Correspondence.
1783 – In Rocky Hill, New Jersey, US General George Washington gives his “Farewell Address to the Army”.
1795 – James Knox Polk was born (d. 1849). 11th President of the United States
1808 – Jules Barbey d’Aurevilly was born (d. 1889). French writer
1814 – George Boole was born (d. 1864). English mathematician and philosopher
1821 – Sir George Bowen was born (d. 1899). Governor of Queensland and Victoria (Australia) and of New Zealand and Hong Kong at various times
1844 – Mehmed V was born (d. 1918). Ottoman Sultan
1847 – Georges Sorel was born (d. 29 Aug 1922). French philosopher and sociologist.
1861 – American Civil War: Western Department Union General John C. Fremont is relieved of command and replaced by David Hunter.
1863 – Theodore Judah dies (b. 1826). American railroad engineer
1865 – Warren G. Harding was born (d. 19213). 29th President of the United States
1868 – Time zone: New Zealand officially adopts a standard time to be observed nationally, and is perhaps the first country to do so.
1868 – Mário Pederneiras was born in Rio de Janeiro (d. 8 Feb 1915). Brazilian poet and journalist
1873 – Dimitrie Paciurea was born (d. 13 Jul 1932). Romanian sculptor
Piro was born (d. 1933). Maltese founder of the Missionary Society of St. Paul
1877 – Victor Trumper was born (d. 1915). Australian international test cricketer
1877 – Teixeira de Pascoaes was born (d. 1952). Portuguese poet and writer
1877 – Friedrich Graf von Wrangel dies (b. 1784). Prussian field marshal
1885 – Harlow Shapley was born (d. 1972). American astronomer.
1887 – Jenny Lind dies (b. 1820). Swedish soprano
1889 – North and South Dakota are admitted as the 39th and 40th U.S. states.
1894 – Alexander Lippisch was born (d. 1976). German scientist.
1897 – Vito Genovese was born (d. 1969). American gangster.
1898 – George Goyder dies (b. 1826). English-born surveyor-general of South Australia
1899 – The Boers started their 118 day siege of British held Ladysmith during the Boer War.
1902 – Rudolph Albert von Kölliker dies. Swiss biologist
1904 – Louis Eugène Félix Néel was born (d. 2000). French physicist, Nobel Prize laureate
1906 – Daniil Andreev was born (d. 1959). Russian poet, writer, and mystic.
1906 – Luchino Visconti was born. Italian film director ( Damned, Death in Venice)
1907 – Joseph Rudyard Kipling won The Nobel Prize in Literature
1910 – Enrique Molina was born. Argentine poet.
1908 – Fred Bakewell was born (d. 1983). English cricketer
1911 – Odysseus Elytis was born (d. 1996). Greek writer, Nobel Prize laureate in 1979
1913 – Burt Lancaster was born (b. 1994). American actor
1917 – Zionism: The Balfour Declaration proclaims support for Jewish settlement in Palestine.
1919 – Jorge de Sena was born in Lisbon (d. 4 Jun 1978). Portuguese writer and poet
1920 – In the United States, KDKA of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania starts broadcasting as the first commercial radio station. The first broadcast was the results of the U.S. presidential election, 1920.
1924 – Artur Semedo was born in Arronches (d. 8 Feb 2001). Portuguese actor and director.
1927 – Steve Ditko was born. American artist
1927 – Luis Chacón was born. Venezuelan sculptor.
1929 – Muhammad Rafiq Tarar was born. President of Pakistan
1929 – Richard E. Taylor was born. American physicist, Nobel Prize laureate
1930 – Haile Selassie is crowned emperor of Ethiopia.
1931 – Juan Zorrilla San Martín dies. Uruguyan poet.
1932 – Melvin Schwartz was born. American physicist who would win the 1988 Nobel Physics Prize, jointly with Lederman and Steinberger “for the neutrino beam method and the demonstration of the doublet structure of the leptons through the discovery of the muon neutrino”.
1932 – António Barbosa de Melo was born. Portuguese politician (PSD).
1934 – Ken Rosewall was born. Australian tennis champion
1935 – Jock Cameron dies (b. 1905). South African cricketer.
1936 – Jack Starrett was born (d. 1989). American actor and director
1936 – The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is established.
1936 – Italian dictator Benito Mussolini proclaims the Rome-Berlin Axis, establishing the alliance of the Axis Powers.
1936 – the British Broadcasting Corporation initiates the BBC Television Service, the world’s first regular, high-definition (then defined as at least 200 lines) service. Renamed BBC1 in 1964, the channel still runs to this day.
1938 – Pat Buchanan was born. American journalist and politician
1938 – Queen Sofia of Spain was born
1941 – Bruce Welch was born. Rhythm guitarist and songwriter (The Shadows)
1942 – Shere Hite was born. American author
1942 – Stefanie Powers was born. American actress
1944 – Keith Emerson was born. British keyboard player and composer (Emerson, Lake & Palmer)
1944 – Thomas Midgley dies (b. 1889). American chemist and inventor.
1945 – Costa Rica e Libéria são admitidas como Estados-Membros da ONU
1946 – Giuseppe Sinopoli was born (d. 2001). Italian conductor and composer (d. 2001)
1946 – Alan Jones was born. Australian Formula One racing car driver
1946 – Marieta Severo was born. Brazilian actress. Marieta Severo
1947 – In California, Designer Howard Hughes performs the maiden flight of the Spruce Goose; the largest fixed-wing aircraft ever built.
1948 – U. S. presidential election, 1948: Harry S. Truman defeats Thomas E. Dewey for the US presidency.
1950 – George Bernard Shaw dies (b. 1856). Irish writer, Nobel Prize laureate in 1925
1954 – Pat Croce was born. American entrepreneur
1958 – Willie McGee was born. Baseball player
1959 – Said Aouita was born. Moroccan athlet.
1959 – Quiz show scandals: “Twenty-One” game show contestant Charles Van Doren admits to a Congressional committee that he had been given questions and answers in advance.
1959 – Ice Hockey: After being struck in the face with a puck, goalkeeper Jacques Plante returns to play wearing a protective mask for the first time in professional play.
1959 – The first section of the M1 motorway, the first in Britain, was opened between the present junctions 5 and 18.
1960 – Penguin Books is found not guilty of obscenity in the Lady Chatterley’s Lover case
1960 – Dimitri Mitropoulos dies (b. 1896). Greek conductor, pianist and composer
1961 – James Thurber dies (b. 1894). American humorist
1961 – k.d. lang was born. Canadian singer
1962 – US President Kennedy announces end of Cuban Missile Crisis.
1963 – South Vietnamese President Ngo Dihn Diem is assassinated following a military coup.
1963 – Ngo Dihn Diem dies (b. 1901). President of South Vietnam
1964 – King Saud of Saudi Arabia was deposed by a family coup, and replaced by his half-brother King Faisal.
1965 – Shahrukh Khan was born. Indian actor
1966 – Tim Kirkman was born. American filmmaker
1966 – David Schwimmer was born in Astoria, Queens, New York. American actor.
1966 – The Cuban Adjustment Act enters force, allowing 123,000 Cubans the opportunity to apply for permanent residence in the United States.
1966 – Peter Debye dies (b. 1884). Dutch chemist, Nobel Prize laureate
1967 – Vietnam War: US President Lyndon B. Johnson and “the Wise Men”conclude that the American people should be given more optimistic reports on the progress of the war.
1969 – Reginald Arvizu was born. American bassist (KoЯn)
1971 – Dr. Gerhard Herzberg receives The Nobel Prize for Chemics
1971 – Ricky Martin was born. American musician
1973 – Marisol Nichols was born. American actress.
1974 – 78 die as the Time Go-Go Club in Seoul, South Korea burns down. Six of the victims jumped to their deaths from the seventh floor after club official barred the doors after the fire started.
1975 – Pier Paolo Pasolini dies (b. 1922). Italian film director
1976 – U.S. presidential election, 1976: Jimmy Carter defeats incumbent Gerald Ford to become first candidate from deep south to win since the Civil War.
1980 – Diego Lugano was born. Uruguyan football player
1982 – Channel 4 in the United Kingdom was launched.
1983 – US President Ronald Reagan signs a bill creating Martin Luther King Day.
1984 – Capital punishment: Velma Barfield becomes the first woman executed in the United States since 1962.
1984 – Velma Barfield dies executed (b. 1932). American murderer.
1985 – A atleta portuguesa Aurora Cunha torna-se, pela segunda vez, campeã mundial de estrada.
1986 – Lara Sacher was born. Australian actress
1986 – Erika Jo was born. American musician
1986 – 16th New York City Women’s Marathon won by Grete Waitz in 2:28:06
1986 – 17th New York City Marathon won by Gianni Poli in 2:11:06
1986 – Paul Frees dies (b. 1920). American voice actor
1988 – The Morris worm, the first internet-distributed computer worm to gain significant mainstream media attention, was launched from MIT.
1990 – Moçambique: Nova Constituição que consagra o multipartidismo e a economia de mercado.
1991 – Bartholomew I becomes the Patriarch of Constantinople.
1991 – Jermaine Jackson‘s single Word to the Badd!, which attacks his brother Michael, is leaked to radio station KPWR in Los Angeles.
1991 – Frederick Chiluba assumes the presidency of Zambia
1992 – Hal Roach dies (b. 1892). American director and producer
1995 – Álvaro Gómes Hurtado dies assassinated in Bogotá. Colombian journalist, diplomat and politician. President of Colombia ( 24 Nov 1982 – 5 Sep 1984).
1997 – 27th New York City Women Marathon won by Franziska Rochat-Moser of Switzerland 2:28:43
1997 – 28th New York City Marathon won by John Kagwe of Kenya in 2:08:12
1997 – Typhoon Linda kills at least 208 in southern Vietnam
2000 – The first crew arrives at the International Space Station.
2001 – Monsters, Inc. debuts with the best ticket sales ever for an animated film.
2001 – By a vote of 87-4 (Norway, Russia, Turkey, Venezuela) with 15 abstentions (Brazil, Colombia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Guinea-Bissau, Iceland, Israel, Netherlands, Paraguay, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Uruguay) the 31st General Conference of UNESCO adopts the Convention on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage, which took experts four years to finalize Text of the Convention in English
2002 – Tonio Selwart dies (b. 1896). German actor
2002 – Charles Sheffield dies (b. 1935). American author and physicist.
2004 – Theo van Gogh dies shot (b. 1957). Dutch filmmaker (Submission). His murderer, Mohammed Bouyeri [08 Mar 1978~], was on 26 July 2005, sentenced to life in prison.
2004 – Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahayan dies (b. 1918). President of the United Arab Emirates
2004 – President George W. Bush wins U.S. Presidential Election over John Kerry.
CatholicismAll Souls Day / Dia dos fiéis defuntos, conhecido popularmente por Dia de finados.
Ancient LatviaDveselu Diena held
Rastafari movement – The coronation of Haile Selassie celebrated
Mexico and the United StatesDay of the Dead (Spanish: El Dia de los Muertos), a Mexican and Mexican-American celebration of dead ancestors

Champions League – Matchday 4 –

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Results and standings

Group E

PSV 1 – 0 Milan (Farfán 12′)
Schalke 2 – 0 Fenerbahçe (Kuranyi 32′; Ebbe Sand 90+1′)

1. PSV 7
2. Milan 5
3. Schalke 5
4. Fenerbahce 3

Group F

Olimpiacos 1 – 4 Lyon ( 1- 0 Babangida 3′; Juninhio 41′; Carew 44′ and 57, Diarra 55′)
Rosenborg 0 – 2 Real Madrid (Dorsin 26′ own goal; Guti 41′)

1. Lyon 12
2. Real Madrid 9
3. Rosenborg 3
4. Olimpyacos 0

Group G

Liverpool 3 – 0 Anderlecht (Morientes 34, Luís Garcia 61′, Cissé 89′)
Betis 1 – 0 Chelsea (Dani 28′)

1. Liverpool 10
2. Chelsea 7
3. Betis 6
4. Anderlecht 0

Group H

Internazionale 2 – 1 Porto (0-1 Hugo Almeida 19′; 1-1 Júlio Cruz (pen) 75′; 2-1 Júlio Cruz 82′)
Artmedia 2 – 2 Rangers (0-1 Prso 3′; 1-1 Bórbeli 8′; 1-2 Thompson 44′; 2-2 Kozack 59′ )

1. Inter 9
2. Rangers 5
3. Artmedia 5
4. Porto 3


Porto perde com o Inter mas ainda há esperança…

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Inter 2 – 1 Porto

O céu esteve perto mas só a defender … perde-se

Em jogo disputado à porta fechada isto é sem público o Porto começou o jogo sem medo, equilibrando-o. Aos 16′ um portentoso golo de Hugo Almeida na marcação de um livre directo na intermediária italiana deu vantagem ao Porto. O problema foi que em vantagem o Porto passou a preocupar-se, apenas, em defender. O Inter sem fazer grande exibição ia empurrando o Porto para a defesa e mesmo sem criar oportunidades soberanas foi com satisfação que os portistas viram chegar o intervalo.

Ao intervalo Co Adriaanse fez entrar Rui Meireles para o lugar de Alan passando a ter dois médios defensivos. O Inter carregava com Figo muito activo e as dificuldades do Porto eram mais visíveis. No entanto o treinador do Inter substituía homem por homem Adriano por Júlio Cruz e o Porto ia afastando a bola da área mas sem a jogar. Quem sabe se é o dia de sorte do Porto?

Não foi. Um erro de Pedro Emanuel a cometer penalty em lance escusado – chegou atrasado à bola e deu um pontapé no adversário, Pizarro – virou o jogo. Júlio Cruz concretizou e fez o empate faltavam ainda 16′ para os 90.

Vítor Baía ainda adiou o golo do triunfo ao Inter ao fazer uma defesa espectacular a livre de Mihajlovic mas pouco depois na sequencia de um canto Júlio Cruz bisou ao marcar de cabeça. O jogo estava sentenciado.

O Porto perdeu por jogar demasiado contra-natura; passou o tempo a defender aquilo que se vem dizendo que a equipa não sabe fazer e… perdeu.

A arbitragem do espanhol não teve problemas. Mostrou um único amarelo já no minuto 90 a Bosingwa, mas perto do fim o assistente deixou passar uma falta de Mihaijlovic sobre Quaresma junto à linha lateral.

Resta a consolação de que no outro jogo do grupo houve empate, pelo que o Porto ainda pode aspirar à qualificação. Na próxima jornada ganhando em casa ao Rangers pode mesmo já ser segundo se o Inter derrotar em casa o Artmedia como se espera.

Estádio: Estádio Giuseppe Meazza
Árbitros: Mejuto Gonzalez (Espanha)

Inter: Júlio César; Burdisso, Materazzi, Samuel (Mihajlovic 66′) e Favalli; Figo, Veron, Pizarro e Wome (Cambiasso aos 53′); Martins e Adriano (Júlio Cruz aos 60′).

Porto: Vítor Baía; Bosingwa, Pepe, Pedro Emanuel e Cech; Paulo Assunção (Bruno Alves 61′) e Lucho Gonzalez; Alan (Rui Meireles aos 45′), Jorginho e Quaresma; Hugo Almeida (McCarthy 76′)


On this day in History – Nov. 01

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0846 – Louis the Stammerer was born (d. 0879). King of West Francia
0996 – Emperor Otto III issues a deed to Gottschalk, Bishop of Freising, which is the oldest known document using the name Ostarrîchi (Austria in Old High German).
1296 – Guillaume Durand dies. French writer
1339 – Duke Rudolf IV of Austria was born (d. 1365)
1351 – Duke Leopold III of Austria was born (d. 1386)
1391 – Amadeus VII of Savoy dies (b. 1360)
1399 – John V, Duke of Brittany dies (b. 1339)
1431 – Nuno Álvares Pereira dies (b. 1360). Portuguese general
1456 – Edmundo Tudor, Conde de Richmond dies (b. 1430). Father of Henrique VII of England
1500 – Benvenuto Cellini was born (d. 1571). Italian goldsmith, sculptor, and writer
1512 – The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, painted by Michelangelo, is exhibited to the public for the first time.
1520 – The Strait of Magellan, the passage immediately south of mainland South America, connecting the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans, is first navigated by Ferdinand Magellan during his global circumnavigation voyage.
1530 – An approximated 400,000 die after the Netherlandsdikes fail.
1530 – Étienne de La Boétie, was born (d. 1563). French judge and writer
1539 – Pierre Pithou was born (d. 1596). French lawyer and scholar
1546 – Giulio Romano dies. Italian painter
1567 – Diego Sarmiento de Acuña, conde de Gondomar was born (d. 1626). Spanish diplomat
1578 – Dmitry Pozharsky was born (d. 1642). Russian prince
1585 – Jan Brożek was born (d. 1652). Polish mathematician, physician, and astronomer
1588 – Jean Daurat dies (b. 1508). French poet
1592 – At the Battle of Busan, the outnumbered Korean navy defeats a larger Japanese army.
1596 – Pierre Pithou dies (b. 1539). French lawyer and scholar
1604 – William Shakespeare‘s tragedy Othello is presented for the first time, at Whitehall Palace in London.
1607 – Georg Philipp Harsdorffer was born (d. 1658). German poet
1611 – François-Marie, comte de Broglie was born (d. 1656). Italian-born French commander
1611 – William Shakespeare‘s romantic comedy The Tempest is presented for the first time, at Whitehall Palace in London.
1636 – Nicolas Boileau-Despréaux was born (d. 1711). French poet and critic
1642 – Jean Nicolet dies (b. 1598). French explorer
1643 – John Strype was born (d. 1737). English historian and biographer
1661 – Florent Carton Dancourt was born (d. 1725). French dramatist and actor
1676 – Gisbertus Voetius dies (b. 1589). Dutch theologian
1678 – William Coddington dies (b. 1601). First Governor of Rhode Island
1683 – The British crown colony of New York is subdivided into 12 counties.
1700 – Charles II of Spain dies (b. 1661)
1704 – Paul Daniel Longolius was born (d. 1779). German encylopedist
1755 – Lisbon earthquake: In Portugal, Lisbon is destroyed by a massive earthquake and tsunami, killing between sixty and ninety thousand people.
1762 – Spencer Perceval was born (d. 1812). Prime Minister of Great Britain
1765 – The British Parliament enacts the Stamp Act on the 13 colonies in order to help pay for British military operations in North America.
1778 – Gustav IV Adolf of Sweden was born (d. 1837)
1790 – Edmund Burke publishes Reflections on the Revolution in France, in which he predicts that the French Revolution will end in disaster.
1800 – US President John Adams becomes the first President of the United States to live in the Executive Mansion (later renamed the White House).
1808 – John Taylor was born (d. 1887). American religious leader
1837 – Couto Magalhães was born (d. 1898). Brazilian militar, politician and writer.
1848- In Boston, Massachusetts, the first medical school for women, The Boston Female Medical School (which will later merge with Boston University School of Medicine), opens.
1859 – The current Cape Lookout, North Carolina, lighthouse is lighted for the first time. Its first-order Fresnel lens can be seen for 19 miles (30 kilometers).
1860 – Boies Penrose was born (d. 1921). United States Senator from Pennsylvania
1861 – American Civil War: US President Abraham Lincoln appoints George McClellan as commander of the Union Army, replacing the aged General Winfield Scott.
1870 – In the United States, the Weather Bureau (later renamed the National Weather Service) makes its first official meteorological forecast.
1871 – The Stamford to Bourne, Lincolnshire turnpike road was freed from tolls.
1871- Stephen Crane was born (d. 1900). American writer
1876 – New Zealand‘s provincial government system is dissolved.
1887 – Fundação do clube de futebol italiano Juventus, que viria a ser o maior vencedor do campeonato italiano.
1877 – Roger Quilter was born (d. 1953). British composer.
1878 – Konrad Mägi was born (d. 1925). Estonian painter
1878 – Carlos Saavedra Lamas was born (d. 1959). Argentine politician, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize
1880 – Alfred Wegener was born (d. 1930). German meteorologist and geophysicist
1880 – Sholom Asch was born (d. 1957). Polish-born American writer
1880 – Grantland Rice was born (d. 1954). American sports writer
1886 – Hermann Broch was born (d. 1952). Austrian author
1887 – L. S.
was born (d. 1976). British painter of industrial scenes
1888 – Nikolai Przhevalsky dies (b. 1838). Russian explorer
1894 – Tsar Alexander III of Russia dies (b. 1845)
1889 – Philip Noel-Baker, Baron Noel-Baker was born (d. 1982). Canadian-born peace activist, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize
1892 – Alexander Alekhine was born (d. 1946). Russian-born chess player
1894 – Nicholas II becomes the new Tsar of Russia after his father, Alexander III, dies.
1896 – A picture showing the naked breasts of a woman appears in National Geographic magazine for the first time.
1901 – Sigma Phi Epsilon, a national men’s collegiate fraternity is established at Richmond College, in Richmond, VA.
1902 – Eugen Jochum was born (d. 1987). German conductor
1903 – Theodor Mommsen dies (b. 1817). German writer, Nobel Prize laureate
1914 – World War I: the first British naval defeat of the war, the Battle of Coronel is fought off of the coast of Chile.
1918 – Malbone Street Wreck: the worst rapid transit accident in US history occurs under the intersection of Malbone Street and Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, New York City, with at least 93 dead.
1922 – The last sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Mehmed VI, abdicates.
1922 – Lima Barreto dies (b. 1881). Brazilian writer
1923 – Gordon R. Dickson was born (d. 2001). Canadian author
1923 – Victoria de los Angeles was born (d. 2005). Catalan soprano
1929 – Betsy Palmer was born. American actress
1934 – Umberto Agnelli was born (d. 2004). Swiss-born automobile executive
1934 – William Mathias was born (d. 1992). British composer.
1935 – Gary Player was born. South African golfer
1935 – Edward Said was born (d. 2003). Palestinian-born literary critic.
1937 – Milton José Pinto was born. Brazilian personality of communication
1939 – The first rabbit born after artificial insemination is shown to the world.
1939 – Barbara Bosson was born. American actress
1939 – Bernard Kouchner was born. French physician ansd politician
1940 – Ramesh Chandra Lahoti was born. Chief Justice of India
1942 – Larry Flynt was born. American magazine publisher
1942 – Ralph Klein was born. Premier of Alberta
1942 – Entra em vigor o padrão monetário do Cruzeiro no Brasil
1942 – Hugo Distler dies (b. 1908). German composer
1943 – World War II: Operation Goodtime launched – United States Marines invade Bougainville in the Solomon Islands.
1943 – Salvatore Adamo was born. Belgian singer.
1944 – World War II: Operation Infatuate launched – The British Army land at Walcheren in the Netherlands.
1945 – Austrália é admitida como Estado-Membro da ONU
1945 – Gilberto Braga was born. Brazilian playwriter
1948 – Off southern Manchuria, 6,000 are killed as a Chinese merchant ship explodes and sinks.
1950 – Puerto Rican nationalists Griselio Torresola and Oscar Collazo attempt to assassinate US President Harry S. Truman.
1950 – Pope Pius XII claims Papal Infallibility when he formally defines the dogma of the Assumption of Mary. 1951 – US soldiers are exposed to an atomic explosion for training purposes in Desert Rock, Nevada; participation was not voluntary.
1950 – Robert B. Laughlin was born. American physicist, Nobel Prize laureate
1952 – Operation Ivy – The United States successfully detonates the first hydrogen bomb, codenamed “Mike” [“m” for megaton], at Eniwetok island in the Bikini atoll located in the Pacific Ocean.
1952 – Januário Cicco dies. Brazilian physician.
1954 – The Front de Libération Nationale fires the first shots of the Algerian War of Independence.
1955 – A United Airlines DC-6B explodes in mid-air and crashes near Longmont, Colorado, killing 44 people
1956 – Formation of Kerala state in India.
1956 – Paulo Gonzo was born. Portuguese singer and songwriter.
1957 – Lyle Lovett was born. American singer
1957 – Carlos Paião was born (d. 1988). Portuguese singer and songwriter
1957 – The Mackinac Bridge opens to traffic connecting Michigan’s two peninsulas.
1960 – While campaigning for President of the United States, John F. Kennedy announces his idea of the Peace Corps.
1960 – O tratado da primeira organização de integração econômica da Europa, a Benelux, entra em vigor
1962 – Anthony Kiedis was born. American singer (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
1963 – Rick Allen was born. British drummer (Def Leppard)
1963 – Roddy Bottum was born. American musician (Faith No More and Imperial Teen)
1963 – The Arecibo Observatory in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, with the largest radio telescope ever constructed, officially opens.
1963 – Golpe Militar no Vietnam(e) do Sul derruba Ngo Dihn Diem, que é morto no dia seguinte
1967 – Sophie B. Hawkins was born. American musician
1969 – After seven years off the top of the charts, Elvis Presley hits No. 1 on the Billboard Music charts with his song “Suspicious Minds.”
1972 – Toni Collette was born. Australian actress
1972 – Ezra Pound dies (b. 1885). American poet
1973 – Aishwarya Rai was born. Indian actress
1973 – Watergate Scandal: Leon Jaworski is appointed as the new Watergate Special Prosecutor.
1973 – Formation of Karnataka state in India.
1974 – VVS Laxman was born. Indian Cricket Player
1976 – Matt Chapman was born. American cartoonist and voice actor
1978 – Manju Warriar was born. Indian actress
1979 – Mamie Eisenhower dies (b. 1896). First Lady of the United States
1980 – Wayanad district formed in the state of Kerala, India.
1981- Antigua and Barbuda gain independence from the United Kingdom.
1982 – King Vidor dies (b. 1894). American film director
1983 – Anthony van Hoboken dies (b. 1887). Dutch musicologist
1985 – Phil Silvers dies (b. 1911). American actor and comedian
1987 – René Lévesque dies (b. 1922). Premier of Quebec
1990 – A New York City civil jury awards Sandra Miller $100 for battery after an incident in which Mike Tyson grabbed her breasts and insulted her; the jury found Tyson’s behavior “not outrageous”.
1993 – The Maastricht Treaty takes effect, formally establishing the European Union.
1993 – Severo Ochoa dies (b. 1905). Spanish–born biochemist, Nobel Prize laureate
1994 – George Lucas leaves the day-to-day operations of his filmmaking business and starts a sabbatical. While on sabbatical, he writes the prequel section of the Star Wars movies.
1994 – The Chijon Family is sentenced to death in South Korea for murdering and eating five people.
1998 – The European Court of Human Rights is instituted.
1999 – Walter Payton dies (b. 1954). American football player
2000 – Sérvia e Montenegro é admitida como Estado-Membro da ONU
2004 – The Bank of Japan issues a new series of 1000, 5000, and 10,000 yen notes. Both old and the new series will circulate together.
2005 – ITV PLC‘s new digital channel, ITV4, lanches on Freeview, NTL digital, and Sky Digital.
CatholicismHoly Day of Obligation All Saints Day.
Holiday in France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Seychelles, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Lithuania, Portugal, Slovenia, The Philippines, Hungary and Croatia.
AlgeriaNational day
Lá Samhna the traditional first day of Winter in modern Ireland, see also Samhain
Mexico and United States – The Day of the Dead
World Vegan Day