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On this day in History – Aug 08 Agosto 8, 2005

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0869 – Lothair II of Lotharingia dies (b. 0825)
0936 – German king Otto I the Great, crowned
0939 – Forças do rei Ramiro II de Leão vencem tropas mouras em Simancas, perto de Valladolid.
1276 – Fim do pontificado do Papa Adriano V
1509 – The Emperor Krishnadeva Raya is coronated in the town of Chittoor in the present-day state of Andhra Pradesh, India. His accession marks the beginning of the regeneration of the Vijayanagara Empire after a period of internal strife.
1585 – John Davis enters Cumberland Sound in quest for the North West Passage.
1585 – Pope Sixtus excommunicates Hendrik van Navarra (Henri IV)
1588 – Battle of Gravelines ends – Defeated by the English during an invasion attempt, the surviving parts of the Spanish Armada begin to sail home. Only 67 of the original 130 ships will later reach Spain and most of these will be in poor condition.
1605 – The city of Oulu, Finland, is founded by Charles IX of Sweden.
1646 – Godfrey Kneller was born (d. 1723). German-born painter.
1647 – Battle of Dangan HillIrish forces are defeated by British Parliamentary forces.
1673 – John Ker was born (d. 1726). Scottish spy
1602 – Gilles de Roberval was born (d. 1675). French mathematician.
1684 – George Booth, 1st Baron Delamer dies (b. 1622)
1693 – Laurent Belissen was born (d. 1762). French composer.
1694 – Francis Hutcheson was born (d. 1746). Irish philosopher.
1709 -Primeira experiência bem sucedida com um Balão – Passarola (Aerostato), em Lisboa-Portugal, no ano de 1709, realizada pelo padre Bartolomeu de Gusmão .
1763 – Charles Bulfinch was born (d. 1844). American architect
1778 – Lisboa passa a ser governada por quatro vereadores vitalícios, derrogando-se o estabelecido em 1765, de ser governada por um ministro de nomeação régia. A medida vigorará até 1785.
1786 – Mont Blanc is climbed for the first time by Dr. Michael-Gabriel Paccard and Jacques Balmat.
1814 – Esther Morris was born (d. 2 Apr 1902). Suffragist and the first U. S. woman judge.
1815 – Napoleon Bonaparte set sail for exile on St. Helena
1819 – Charles A. Dana was born (d.17 Oct 1897). American journalist.
1827 – George Canning dies (b. 1770). British statesman and prime minister.
1832 – O príncipe Otão da Baviera é eleito rei da Grécia
1839 – General Nelson Miles was born (d. 1925). Indian fighter.
1844 – During a meeting held in Nauvoo, the Quorum of Twelve, headed by Brigham Young, is created as the leading body of the Mormon Church.
1857 – Henry Fairfield Osborn was born (d. 6 Nov 1935). American paleontologist and museum administrator
1863 – American Civil War: Following his defeat in the Battle of Gettysburg, General Robert E. Lee sends a letter of resignation to Confederate President Jefferson Davis (Davis will refuse the request upon receipt).
1864 – A Organização da Cruz Vermelha é fundada por sugestão de Henri Dunant, após a assinatura da Convenção de Genebra, para socorrer os feridos e vítimas da guerra.
1866 – Matthew Henson was born. Arctic explorer.
1875 – Nascimento de Arthur Bernardes (Arthur da Silva Bernardes), 14º Presidente do Brasil (15 Nov 1922 – 15 Nov 1926).
1876 – Thomas Edison receives a patent for his mimeograph.
1879 – Emiliano Zapata was born (d. 19 Apr 1919). Mexican revolutionary.
1880 – Earle Page was born (d. 1961). Eleventh Prime Minister of Australia
1884 – Sara Teasdale was born
1887 – Alexander William Doniphan dies (b. 1808). American lawyer and soldier.
1896 – Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings was born (d. 14 Dec 1953). American writer. Author of the Pulitzer-Prize winning book “The Yearling”,
1898 – Eugène Boudin dies (b. 1824). French painter.
1900 – 1st Davis Cup tennis competition, named after Dwight Filley Davis, began at Longwood Cricket Club in Massachusetts, and won by U.S. 2 days later .
1901 – Ernest O. Lawrence was born (d. 1958). American physicist, Nobel Prize laureate in 1939
1902 – Paul Dirac was born (d. 1984). English physicist, Nobel Prize laureate in 1933
1902 – 2nd Davis Cup: USA beats British Isles in New York (3-2)
1902 – Jacques-Joseph Tissot dies (b. 15 Oct 1836). French artist
1903 – 3rd Davis Cup: British Isles beats USA in Boston (4-1)
1905 – André Jolivet was born (d. 1974). French composer.
1907 – Benny Carter was born (d. 2003). American musician and arranger.
1908 – Arthur Goldberg was born (d. 19 Jan 1990). American statesman, Supreme Court justice 1910 – Sylvia Sidney was born (d. 1999). Actress
1910 -Francisco Brochado da Rocha was born. Prime Minister of Brazil, 1962
1911 – Public Law 62-5 sets the number of representatives in the United States House of Representatives at 435. The law will take effect in 1913.
1911 – William P. Frye dies. American politician
1912 – O governador Norton de Matos funda a cidade de Huambo, em Angola.
1915 – James “Jumbo” Elliott was born (d. 1981). Track coach.
1918 – World War I: Battle of AmiensCanadian troops, backed by Australians, begin a string of almost continuous victories with a push through the German front lines. German General Erich Ludendorff will later call this the “black day of the German army.”
1919 – Treaty of Rawalpindi, British recognize Afghanistan’s independence
1919 – Dino De Laurentiis was born. Producer King Kong
1919 – Óscar Hurtado, was born. Cuban writer , considered the father of the cuban science ficcion escritor cubano ( el padre de la ciencia ficción cubana).
1920 – Leo Chiosso was born. Italian lyricist
1921 – Webb Pierce was born (d. 1991). Country singer.
1921 – Esther Williams was born. American actress and swimmer
1921 – William Asher was born. Film producer
1921 – John Herbert Chapman was born. British physicist
1921 – Vulimiri Ramalingaswami was born. Indian medical scientist
1922 – Rudi Gernreich was born (d. 21 Apr 1085). Austrian-born American fashion designer 1922 – Rory Calhoun was born (d. 1999). Actor.
1922 – Rudi Gernreich was born.
1922 – Rafael Moreno Aranzadi was born (d. 1922). Spanish footballer.
1924 – Nasce em Lisboa Carmen Dolores, grande actriz portuguesa.
1925 – Alija Izetbegovic was born (d. 2003). President of Bosnia-Herzegovina.
1927 – Johnny Temple was born (d. 1994). Baseball player.
1929 – The German airship Graf Zeppelin begins a round-the-world flight (will end on August 29).
1930 – Betty Boop premieres in the animated film “Dizzy Dishes“.
1930 – Joan Mondale was born. Wife of U.S. vice-president Walter Mondale, 1977-81. She has taken a leadership role in the national crafts movement since the 1970s
1931 – Sir Roger Penrose was born. British physicist
1932 – Mel Tillis was born. Country singer
1933 – Adolf Loos dies (b. 1870). Austrian architect
1936 – Donald P. Bellisario was born. Television producer
1937 – Dustin Hoffman was born in Louisiana. Actor Graduate, Tootsie, Kramer vs Kramer
1938 – Connie Stevens was born. Singer and actress
1938 – The Mauthausen concentration camp opens.
1939 – Alexander Watson was born. American ambassador and diplomat
1940 – Battle of Britain began as Germany launches air attacks
1940 – Johnny Dodds dies. (b. 1892). Jazz musician.
1942 – World War II: In Washington, DC, six German would-be saboteurs are executed (two others cooperate and receive life imprisonment instead).
1942- Quit India resolution was passed by the Bombay session of the AICC, which leads to the start of a historical civil disobedience movement across India
1944 – Peter Weir was born. Australian film director
1944 – Uli Derickson was born. Czech-born American flight attendant
1944 – Brooke Bundy was born. American actress
1944 – Chaim Soutine dies (b. 1894). Russian painter.
1945 – World War II – The Soviet Union declares war on Japan and invades Manchuria with more than 1 million troops. Japan surrenders on August 15
1945 – The United Nations Charter is ratified by the United States, and that nation becomes the third to join the new international organization.
1949 – Bhutan becomes independent
1949 – Keith Carradine was born. Actor
1951 – Mamoru Oshii was born. Japanese film director.
1951 – Martin Brest was born in Bronx, New York City. American director, producer, screenwriter
1952 – Jostein Gaarder was born. Norwegian author.
1952 – Robin Ophelia Quivers was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Talk show host (Howard Stern’s)
1953 – Don Most was born. American actor
1954 – Nigel Mansell was born. Race car driver
1956 – Branscombe Richmond was born. Native American actor
1958 – Deborah Norville was born. Reporter and television host
1961 – The Edge was born. Guitarist (U2)
1962 – Elizabeth Ann Duncan becomes the last woman to be executed in the United States prior to the reintroduction of capital punishment in 1977. She and the two men she hired to murder her pregnant daughter-in-law in 1958 die in San Quentin‘s gas chamber.
1963 – Great Train Robbery: In England, a gang of 15 train robbers steal 2.6 million pounds in bank notes.
1965 – Shirley Jackson dies (b. 1919). American author.
1966 – Chris Eubank was born. Boxer
1967 – The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is founded.
1968 -Patricia Arquette was born in New York City. Actress (Ed Wood, Pretty Smart )
1968 – Jurō Wada, a doctor at the Sapporo Medical School, successfully performs Japan’s first heart transplant.
1970 – José Francisco Molina Giménez was born. Spanish football player (goal-keeper-Deportivo Coruña)
1971 – Jane Blalock wins LPGA Lady Pepsi Golf Open
1972 – Andrea Feldman dies. Actor
1973 – Kim Dae-Jung, a South Korean politician and later president of South Korea, is kidnapped from a Tokyo hotel.
1973 – Scott Stapp was born. Singer (Creed)
1974 – Watergate scandal: US President Richard Nixon announces his resignation (effective the next day, August 9).
1975 – Cannonball Adderley dies. American jazz saxophonist.
1976 – Liraz Mesilaty was born. Miss Universe-Israel 1996
1976 – J.C. Chasez was born. Singer (*NSYNC)
1976 – Drew Lachey was born. Singer
1978 – Odie makes his first appearance in the cartoon strip Garfield.
1978 – The United States launched Pioneer Venus II, which carried scientific probes to study the atmosphere of Venus.
1980 – Sabine Klaschka was born. German tennis player
1980 – Pat Noonan was born. American striker
1981 – Vanessa Amorosi was born. Australian singer and songwriter
1981 – Roger Federer was born. Swiss tennis player.
1983 – Military coup in Guatemala, President Rios Montt flees
1985 – Milton Greene dies. Celebrity photographer
1985 – Louise Brooks dies. American silent film actress
1987 – Danilo Blanusa dies (b. 1903). Croatian mathematician
1988 – General Ne Win, ruler of Burma since 1962, suddenly resigns.
1989 – STS-28: The Space Shuttle Columbia takes off on a secret five-day military mission.
1990 – Iraq annexes Kuwait as its 19th province
1991 – Collapse of Warsaw radio mast, the tallest construction ever built
1991 – James Irwin dies. Astronaut
1996 – Nevill Francis Mott dies (b. 1905). , English physicist, Nobel Prize laureate
1997 – Sviatoslav Richter dies (b. 1915). Ukrainian pianist.
2000 – Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley is raised to the surface after 136 years on the ocean floor.
2004 – Eva Kemlein dies. German photographer.
2004 – Fay Wray dies. American actress.
Taiwan: Father’s Day. (In Mandarin, Ba Ba means father and 8-8, or August 8).
Sweden – Namesday of Queen Silvia, an Official Flag Day.