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On this day in History – Jun 17 Junho 17, 2005

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1194 – Richard I crowned again. After having been held captive for two years by Emperor Henry VI, Richard felt it was necessary to demonstrate his sovereignty over England, and so he had a second coronation. Less than one month later he left the country, never to return.
1239 – King Edward I of England, king of England (1272-1307), was born. He became king of England following the death of his father Henry III .
1397 -The Kalmar Union -The coronation of Erik of Pomerania as king of Norway, Sweden and Denmark united the kingdoms in a union that would last until 1523.
1497 – Battle of Deptford Bridge – Forces under King Henry VII soundly defeat troops led by Michael An Gof.
1565 – Matsunaga Hisahide assassinates the 13th Ashikaga Shogun, Ashikaga Yoshiteru.
1565 – Ashikaga Yoshiteru, dies (b. 1536). Ashikaga shogun.
1567 – A Rainha dos escoceses, Maria, é encarcerada no Castelo de Lochleven, na Escócia.
1579 – Sir Francis Drake claims a land he calls Nova Albion (modern California) for England.
1631 – Mumtaz Mahal died during childbirth. Her husband, Mughal emperor Shah Jahan I, then spent more than 20 years to build her tomb, the Taj Mahal.
1682 – King Charles XII of Sweden was born (d. 1718)
1696 – John III Sobieski, dies (b. 1629). King of Poland.
1697 – Morte do jesuíta português António Vieira (algumas fontes citam 18 Jul 1697)
1698 – Os mercenário estrangeiro do Czar Pedro “O Grande” derrotam os rebeldes de Streltzy em Moscovo, Rússia.
1703 – John Wesley, was born (d. 1791). English theologian, founder of Methodism
1719 – Joseph Addison, dies (b. 1 May 1672). English politician and writer.
1734 – Claude-Louis-Hector de Villars, dies (b. 1653). Marshal of France.
1775 – American Revolutionary War: Battle of Bunker Hill – The British forces take Bunker Hill outside of Boston.
1789 – In France, the Third Estate declares itself as a national assembly.
1797 – Aga Mohammed Khan, cruel ruler of Persia, was castrated and killed.
1798 – Em França, o terceiro Estado autodeclara-se uma Assembleia Nacional e inicia os trabalhos de elaboração de uma constituição.
1808 – Henrik Wergeland, was born. Norwegian author.
1810 – Ferdinand Freiligrath was born (d. 1876)
1811 – O Conselho Nacional Francês aprecia em Paris a disputa entre Napoleão Bonaparte e o Papa Pio VII.
1818 – Charles Gounod, was born (d. 1893). French composer.
1832 – Sir William Crookes, was born (d. 1919). Physicist, chemist.
1837 – Charles Goodyear got a patent for rubber, the squishy, bouncy stuff.
1839 – In the Kingdom of Hawaii, Kamehameha III issues the Edict of Toleration which gives Roman Catholics the freedom to worship in the Hawaiian Islands. The Hawaii Catholic Church and the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace is later established as a result.
1843 – Os Maoris revoltam-se contra os Britânicos na Nova Zelândia.
1863 – Battle of Aldie in the Gettysburg Campaign of the American Civil War
1876 – Indian Wars: Battle of the Rosebud – 1,500 Sioux and Cheyenne led by Crazy Horse beat back General George Crook forces at Rosebud Creek in Montana Territory.
1881 – Tommy Burns, was born (d. 1955). Boxer.
1882 – Igor Stravinsky, was born (d. 6 Apr 1971). Russian composer (The Firebird, Petrouchka, The Rite of Spring, The Wedding, The Soldier’s Tale).
1882 – Nascimento de Armando Celis Maturana . Político chileno.
1885 – The Statue of Liberty arrives in New York Harbor.
1898 – The Navy Hospital Corps is established.
1898 – M. C. Escher, was born (d. 1972). Dutch artist
1898 – Edward Burne-Jones, dies (b. 1833). English artist.
1900 – Martin Bormann, was born (d. 1945). Nazi official.
1904 – Ralph Bellamy, was born (d. 1991). Actor.
1907 – Charles Eames, was born (d. 1978), American designer and architect.
1909 – Elmer Lee Andersen, was born (d. 2004). American politician and governor of Minnesota
1910 – Red Foley, was born (d. 1968). Country musician
1914 – John Hersey, was born (d. 1993). Author
1915 – Karl Targownik, was born (d. 1996). Psychiatrist.
1917 – Lena Horne, was born. Singer
1917 – Dean Martin, was born (d. 1995). American singer.
1917 – Atle Selberg, was born. Norwegian mathematician.
1920 – François Jacob was born. French biologist. 1965 Nobel Prize laureate
1922 – Gago Coutinho e Sacadura Cabral concluíram a primeira travessia aérea do Atlântico Sul.
1923 – Elroy ‘Crazylegs’ Hirsch, was born. American football player
1925 – Protocolo de Genebra proíbe o uso de armas químicas e bacteriológicas em guerras.
1926 – Em Portugal, o general Gomes da Costa afasta do poder Mendes Cabeçadas e assume a chefia do governo.
1928 – Aviator Amelia Earhart starts her attempt to become the first woman to fly in an aircraft across the Atlantic Ocean She was a passenger; Wilmer Stutz was pilot and Lou Gordon, mechanic.
1928 – Nascimento de Juan Maria Bordaberry. Presidente uruguaio (1972-1976)
1929 – Tigran Petrosian, was born (d. 1984). Chess player.
1930 – Brian Statham,was born (d. 2000). English cricketer.
1930 – U.S. President Herbert Hoover signs the Smoot-Hawley Tariff into law.
1930 – Bonus Army: Around a thousand World War I veterans mass at the United States Capitol as the U.S. Senate considers a bill that would give them certain benefits.
1936 – Ken Loach was born. English actor.
1939 – Eugen Weidmann, dies. Last public guillotine execution in France
1940 – Arthur Harden, dies (b. 1865). English chemist, Nobel Prize laureate.
1940 – George Akerlof, was born. American economist
1940 – World War II: Operation Ariel begins – Allied troops start to evacuate France, following Germany‘s takeover of Paris and most of the nation.
1940 – World War II: Sinking of the RMS Lancastria by the Luftwaffe near Saint-Nazaire, France.
1940 – The three Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania fall under the occupation of the Soviet Union.
1942 – Mohamed ElBaradei, was born. IAEA Director
1943 – Newt Gingrich, was born. American politician
1943 – Barry Manilow, [Barry Alan Pincus] was born. Grammy Award-winning singer: I Write the Songs [1975]; Mandy, Looks Like We Made It, Can’t Smile Without You, Copacabana
1944 – Iceland becomes independent from Denmark and forms a republic.
1945 – Ken Livingstone, was born. Mayor of London
1945 – Eddy Merckx, was born. Belgian cycling champion
1945 – Anupam Kher, was born. Indian actor
1946 – Peter Rosei, was born. Writer
1947 – A Assembleia Constituinte da Birmânia decide-se a favor da República da Birmânia independente.
1948 – A Douglas DC-6 carrying United Air Lines Flight 624 crashes near Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania, killing all 43 people on board.
1952 – O Perú torna-se membro da Food and Agriculture Organization – FAO
1953 – Workers Uprising: In East Germany, the Soviet Union orders a division of troops into East Berlin to quell a rebellion.
1954 – Rocky Marciano successfully defended his heavyweight boxing title by defeating former champion Ezzard Charles.
1954 – Fundação do Hotel El Prado – Barranquilla – Colômbia
1956 – Paul Rostock, dies (b. 1892). German doctor.
1957 – Dorothy Richardson, dies (b. 1873). English feminist writer.
1958 – Jello Biafra, was born. Musician, politician
1960 – Joseph Kasavubu is selected to be the first president of the Congo (now Democratic Republic of the Congo, DRC).
1961 – The New Democratic Party of Canada is founded with the merger of the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) and the Canadian Labour Congress.
1961 – Thomas Haden Church was born in El Paso, Texas, USA. Actor.
1961 – Jeff Chandler, dies (b. 1918). Actor .
1962 – O Brasil sagra-se Bicampeão Mundial de futebol ao vencer o Campeonato de 1962 no Chile derrotando na final a Checoslováquia.
1963 – The United States Supreme Court ruled 8 to 1 in Abington School District v. Schempp against allowing the reciting of Bible verses and the Lord’s Prayer in public schools.
1963 – Greg Kinnear, was born at Logansport, Indiana, USA. actor
1964 – Michael Gross, was born. Swimmer
1966 – Jason Patric (Miller Jr.) was born. Actor.
1969 – Boris Spassky became chess champion of the world after checkmating former champion Tigran Petrosian in Moscow.
1971- Representatives of Japan and the United States sign the Okinawa Reversion Agreement, setting out a plan where the U.S. would return control of Okinawa.
1972 – Watergate scandal: Five White House operatives are arrested for burglarizing the offices of the Democratic National Committee, in an attempt by the Republican party to illegally wiretap the opposition.
1973 – Paulina Rubio, was born. Mexican singer.
1975 – Chloe Jones, was born. Actress.
1978 – O francês Jacques de Larosière assume a direção do Fundo Monetário Internacional
1979 – Nick Rimando, was born. Footballer
1979 – Duffy Lewis, dies (b. 1888). Major League Baseball player.
1980 – Venus Williams, tennis player: doubles title: U.S./French Opens w/sister Serena [1999]; Grand Slam singles: Wimbledon [2000], U.S. Open [2000, 2001]; doubles: w/sister Serena: Wimbledon [2000]; fastest serve in WTA history [127 mph]
1980 – O Presidente do Senegal, Leopoldo Sedar Senghor, é doutorado “Honoris Causa” pela universidade de Évora, em cerimónia apadrinhada pelo Presidente Português Ramalho Eanes.
1982 – The body of “God’s Banker”, Roberto Calvi is found hanging beneath Blackfriars Bridge in London.
1982 – Roberto Calvi, dies. Banker
1982 – Leopold Galtieri, sob pressão na seqüência da derrota Argentina no conflito da Falkland/Malvinas, demite-se do cargo de Presidente, Comandante-em-Chefe e membro da Junta Militar Nacional.
1984 – Votantes de mais de seis países membros da CEE, vão as urnas para eleger um novo Parlamento Europeu (eleitores dos outros quatro países votaram dia 14).
1985 – Judy Norton-Taylor, who played the role of Mary Ellen on The Waltons, saw her good-girl image tarnished as she was photographed nude for Playboy magazine.
1986 – Kate Smith, dies. American singer
1989 – Fernando Collor de Melo, candidato à Presidência da República do Brasil, visita Portugal por dois dias.
1991 – Apartheid: The South African Parliament repeals the Population Registration Act, which had required all racial classification of all South Africans at birth.
1991- A Alemanha e a Polônia põem fim a 46 anos de rivalidades, assinando, em Bona, um tratado de amizade e não agressão.
1992 – A ‘Joint Understanding’ agreement on arms reduction is signed by U.S. President George H. W. Bush and Russian President Boris Yeltsin (this would be later codified in START II).
1992 – Over 200 rioters, armed with guns and pangas (machetes) stormed through squatter camps south of Johannesburg. 39 people are killed including women and children.
1992 – Ganesh Sittamplam, com 13 anos, forma-se em Matemática pela Surrey University, passando a ser o licenciado mais jovem de todos os tempos.
1992 – Institui-se em Angola o “Dia das Actividades Geologicas e Mineiras”.
1994 – Following a televised highway chase and a failed attempt at suicide, O. J. Simpson is arrested for the murders of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman.
1994 – Início do Campeionato do Mundo de Futebol Mundo, nos Estados Unidos
1994 – Portugal torna-se participante do Global Environment Facility (GEF)
1996 – Thomas Kuhn, dies. American philosopher of science (The Structure of Scientific Revolutions).
2002 – Willie Davenport, dies. Athlete
2002 – Fritz Walter, dies. Footballer
2004 – Gerry McNeil, dies (b. 1926). Hockey player
2004 – Sara Lidman dies (b. 1923). Swedish writer.
2004 – O Conselho de Segurança da ONU congela os bens do Ex-presidente liberiano, Charles Taylor.
Dia Mundial de Combate à Desertificação (Pronunciamento de Kofi Annan). O Dia 17 de Junho, foi proclamado pela Assembléia Geral da ONU, em 1994 (resolução 49/115). Precisamente nesse dia e ano, foi aprovada a Convenção das Nações Unidas sobre a Luta contra a Desertificação. Os Estados foram convidados a dedicar o Dia Mundial para sensibilizar a opinião pública sobre a necessidade de promover a cooperação internacional no combate à desertificação e aos efeitos da seca, e de aplicar a Convenção das Nações Unidas sobre a Luta contra a Desertificação.

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